Wednesday, June 28, 2017


RIC-NET with support  from Child Rights and Violence Prevention -Fund(CRVP-Fund) is implementing a 3 year project titled community driven approaches to prevent violence against children and adolescents in Kasese district.As one of the activities of the project, RIC-NET  conducted a training with religious leaders which aimed at equipping them with knowledge of good parenting that they will share with their congregations through seminars of married couples , training of newly wed couples , seminars of mothers and fathers Unions and to the entire congregations during preaching . The training was attended by  25(M-20,F-5)  religious leaders from different religious denominations (SDA Church , Pentecostal churches , Baptist ,Anglican C.O.U , Roman  Catholics and the  Islam ). The key aspects of good parenting trained in  include : parents responsibility in bringing up of children ,limits in good parenting ,role modelling in better parenting and violence facing children,parenting styles (restrictive style,fair and stable style, permissive style, and un involved style ).
Executive Director RIC-NET giving a brief about the project 
The facilitator /CDO Karambi during the training
The religious leaders were impressed by the project and thanked RIC-NET for the good work done in the fight  violence against children  which they said is common in their communities . For this matter therefore they pledged to work as a team on child protection activities,aspects of good parenting , integration of child protection issues in their marriage training, mass mobilization, meeting the youth camps and giving quarterly reports on issues of violence against children.
The Religious leaders during the session

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