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Monday, February 28, 2011


Good working relations enhance employee morale and productivity.

Have you ever reached your work place and greeted a colleague, he/ she pretended not to have heard you? Or are you this type of person that aims at doing his/her well and that is all that matters.

There are reasons why organizations or firms need to appreciate that issues like productivity, performance, profit can not be put out from how employees/employer relate with each other at workplace.

How can firms encourage positive workplace relations and benefit from improved performance, coordination and productivity. Here are some of the ways an employer or company can attain this.


What you do to show your colleague that you respect them. Anyway, before you respect others, do you respect yourself? This is what we may call self-esteem. We’ve all heard of employers who real don’t respect them selves.

Talking about their qualities is a great start. For instance you could tell a colleague;” your contribution was vital today in a meeting.”


How do you show your colleague that you appreciate what they do? do you tell them? What else do you do to acknowledge the positive things they achieve? Often in the work place focus is put on the negatives. But if we show more appreciation for the many positives, workers will strive with all there potentials. Hence boosting work morale and relations.


What choices do you have in how you do your work? How much choice do you offer others at work? When we provide choices, we are supporting others by giving them power and impendence in how they complete tasks. This enhances relationships and can lead to improved workplace functionality and productivity.


Do you know your responsibility and how to meet them? How do you encourage others? How do you avoid going into the control mode? Remember adults don’t like being told what to do. So, how do you encourage responsibility without the telling?


How can you listen deeply to your colleagues? Will you take more time to ask questions that open a conversation to know their opinions?


Do you really listen to understand your colleagues? Do you really know how they are and how they feel? If you take time to know more about staff, you will get to know more about them as human beings rather than just seeing what they do.

Trust worthy;

How much are you trusted? Are you faithful? Can you keep any secrets to your heart? Or you are this type of person that creates false stories on your colleague? People who are trustworthy are always coordinators in many issues. So, mind the way you treat others because they may treat you in the same way leading to good working relations


What support do you give or have at your workplace? How do you show support to other colleagues? What are you doing to support a culture of cooperation at work? When staffs feel supported, they are likely to take on new challenges and productivity can improve.

Organizations/firms or employers who base staff relations on the above can build much more coordination and cooperation at workplaces and reap the resulting benefits in better performance, productivity and profits.

By Evelyn-Ricnet.