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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

RIC NET joins other organisation to call for peacefull coexistence in Kasese and Rwenzori region

Though NGOs are pressing for dialogue, speedy and just process, the investigation into kasese killings is becoming complex leading to an appeal to ICC intervention.

Friday, December 16, 2016

CSOs demand for a fair and speedy trial for Mumbere

"The legal process should take its course but with fairness, openness and justice such that a lasting solution is reached..."

Left to right:  Executive director Rwenzori Centres Network (RIC-NET) John Silco, Chief executive officer of Foundation Urban and Rural Advancement (FURA) Reuben Mbauta and Country Manager of International Alert Richard Businge
 CSOs leaders discussing about the Violence in the Rwenzori region during CSO leaders Crisis meeting at Sliver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi on December 14, 2016. Photos by Mary Kansiime

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) operating in the Rwenzori region are demanding for a speedy, transparent and fair trial of the Omusinga of the Rwenzururu Kingdom, Charles Wesley Mumbere and his royal guards who were arrested, charged and detained over the Kasese clashes.

"The legal process should take its course but with fairness, openness and justice such that a lasting solution is reached. The process should aim at promoting meaningful dialogue and reconciliation based on the truth," said Reuben Mbauta, the Chief Executive Officer Foundation for Rural and Urban Advancement (FRUA).

He said that it is only when the truth has been revealed that government will be able to make strategic investments and action plans to uproot the real cause of the conflict in the region.

Violent clashes between the Omusinga's palace guards and security officers broke out two weeks ago leaving over 100 people dead, several injured, property destroyed and scores arrested including Mumbere. He is currently in Luzira prison on charges of Murder, terrorism and robbery.

Speaking at Silver Springs hotel, Bugolobi, on Wednesday, the CSOs condemned the continued arrest of the royal guards, stating that it does not aim at resolving the conflict but instead escalates it.

They said that most of the guards have now run into hiding and there is worry that they might reconvene into a bigger group and become a threat to the peaceful co-existence of the people in the Rwenzori Region.

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