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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

RIC-NET Efforts recognized world wide

I was impressed when randomly searching for some thing about Kasese on the internet i landed on some news about some of our activities we are conducting. This was written about the E-Society project being run in Kasese District. To make matters interesting, the writter thought the project is being run in Rwanda. The rest of the details were fine. This clearly shows that someone who wrote about this does not know much about the E-Society which to me is interesting.

We have already contacted the editor of the platform to correct the article. Below is the link to the news platform.

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Bwambale Edwin

Thursday, December 16, 2010

RIC-NET conducts e-society stakeholders

John B. Thawite

15 December 2010
KASESE district is finalising an internet-based, facility, the first of its kind in the Rwenzori region, that will enable the district administration and her stakeholders to electronically share information online.This will enable the district administration to store, retrieve and disseminate various documents among stakeholders in and outside the district, including central government and the donors.
The facility, known as the electronic society (e-society) centre, is housed in the District Information Office. It also comprises an electronic library (e-library) where the district will upload and retrieve its documents including procurement and job application information, development plans, budgets, various reports, minutes of council and departmental proceedings.The facility based and managed by the district, is funded by the Netherlands-based International Institute for Communication and Developments (IICD) through the Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RIC-NET).
The e-society and the e-library can be accessed via the district website,, which RIC-NET has also helped reactivate.

"The facility is so far the first of its kind in the Rwenzori region," the RIC-NET programme manager, John Silco Muruga, said at Hotel Margherita in Kasese Municipality on Friday.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Since mid November, members of RWECO and CEWIT have been setting up election monitoring data center in different areas of Uganda. This was PAC in eastern Uganda, ACORD in northern Uganda and CEFORD in west Nile.

My experience as a RICNET staff which is one of the organisations composing RWECO was in many ways; I learnt more on election activities relating to technology. It’s easy to manage data /information by storing it in a system than having it in hard copy. Its easer to duplicate hardcopies. I realise that the uchanguzi system is a designed data base that delivers information so first and clear from election monitors in different locations.

I also achieved more skills and ability on networking LANs from several data centres set up. This was real good work but hectic. Running network cables across buildings is not something simple. The trainings carried on every centre were equally important to me. I hope to acquire skills since we have to set up other data centres in the west region.

Exchange of ideas and views from members of these organizations on how their running and managing was a great deal. It’s changed my thinking capacity and understanding. I acquired knowledge instead.

Besides work, it was adventure. Being my first time to move to East and Northern Uganda. Everything was new and good. People there looked a bit different from those in the west. Their life style is totally different.

However, I found a challenge in communication, language barrier. Apart from English, there was no anymore way of changing information.

Otherwise, I thank RWECO and CEWIT for efforts and huge work they are doing in preparation for 2011 elections.

By; Evelyn M.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

letter of Apreciation from CAO kabarole


We at RICNET join the rest of the world in marking the world AIDS day by asking all responsible citizens to spread the message not the virus. with Kabarole having the highest prevalence rate- higher than the national figure, it is our collective responsibility as people of the Rwenzori region and Uganda as a whole to take caution and responsibility to avoid getting caught in this scourge.

A lot has been said and done on prevention of the virus but the decision remains with you as an individual whether to take the measures or not. we should always remember that what we do now will greatly affect our future. Let us all take responsibility and safe guard our future and the future of our country.