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Thursday, November 29, 2012


RIC-NET ICT Assistant and the newly recruited U-reporters  with Tags hanging smartly along their neck

Just as the heart connects many tissues of the body, RIC-NET is here to connect Kamwenge district to the rest of the world through the use of U report as a reporting tool. “Despite the heavy rains, that occurred on NOV 27, 2012...several community members within Kamwenge district flocked to attend the U-report training that was held at St Stephens Cathedral East Ruwenzori Diocese Kitonzi Village Kamwenge Town Council. The purpose of the training was to introduce the  tool and how it is applied in field of  responding and posting information.

participants raising up phones they will be using in reporting.

“U-Report being a free sms based platform designed by UNICEF to enable the young generation in voicing out silent issues affecting them in their communities “through the use of their mobile phones.
Several community members including the young, youths and elderly from various villages of kitonzi, kigoro,kakinga and kyigore  turned up for the training of which a total number of 40 people(22 being men,18being females) where recruited as U-reporters.
participants registering on u-report platform.
 By the end of the day, all members where very excited for the new innovation and had understood the use of U-report platform for sharing information across the globe.
In his remarks, Mr. Sunday k. Joseph Chair Person of Kitonzi ward thanked the efforts of
 RIC-NET and appealed for continued support and recruitment of more U-reporters in various sub counties of Kamwenge district.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


CEWIT Board Room..Training Session in Progress

Accountants from different organization in partnership with CEWIT  have been undergoing a training for a period of one week in application of quick books as accounting software which was held at CEWIT board room in Kampala .The training was opened by National Coordinator CEWIT Mr. James Mwirima appreciating  and welcoming everybody for coming .The coordinator CEWIT told members that they want to change from  manual accounting to computerized accounting, which is going to simplify the work of Accountant  CEWIT  and partner organizations. This training will therefore ease reports to the donors. Members participated are  Mutahunga Micah, Rwaheeru Geoffrey RWECO ,Oluport Robert  PAC Uganda,  Sanza John CEWIT, Anderu Jocye from CEFORD,  Onyuta Christopher from ACORD ,  Rose Kamuli from FHR and  Adralia Robert facilitator From CEFORD.
The training involved the following an introduction to quick books, installation of the software and creation of chart of  accounts. Importing of the various budgets into quick books, posting of transactions, exporting of reports to CU on the internet to mention.
RICNET has therefore benefited from this training as institution in embracing technology to manage its books of accounts as opposed to the previous manual methods. The consultant for the training was Mr. Robert the Finance specialist at CEFORD.
Rwaheeru Geoffrey