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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Raise your hand and support vulnerable Girls and Children


RIC-NET provides psycho social, educational and livelihood support to 200 abused and traumatized girls(12-22 years old) who are struggling to recover from ADF civil war and conflict in Rwenzori region. specifically focuses on supporting young women with babies by enrolling their children in nursery schools, while helping the mothers to either go back to school or attain vocational skills ( ICT, tailoring, hair dressing, cloth design) and reproductive health. provides girls with start up fund.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Over 27,500 girls were affected by Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) civil war in Rwenzori. Most girls were subjected to raids and abuse by the rebels, including sexual violence, physical abuse and high exposure to traumatic experiences. Major visible vulnerabilities are young women (and their children) who are out of school or born in captivity, living in slums and with no skills, employment, infected with HIV/AIDS and forced into marriage. The project will support skilling 200 girls in the region

How will this project solve this problem?

Facilitate education, skilling and apprenticeship to conflict affected girls; carry out psycho social, reproductive health, and livelihood support for school-going and out-of-school youth, especially girls, who are struggling to recover from conflict situations; Use ICT, social media, and community theater to break down barriers such as poverty and stigmatization and enable abused and traumatized girls to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

Potential Long Term Impact

The project will enable 200 conflict affected girls' access to school, and ensures they complete school will make these girls productive members of society; the girls will attain practical employment skills through vocational training, mentorship and apprenticeship that enables them to change their mindset and attitude, and get decent work, earn income and improve their livelihood hence reducing their vulnerability and restore self-confidence among themselves.

Funding Information

Total Funding Received to Date: $120
Remaining Goal to be Funded: $49,880
Total Funding Goal: $50,000

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


The Regional & District based Networks  from Uganda  convened at Esella country resort in kampala to a   two days convention organised by the Uganda National NGO Forum on  1st -2nd December 2014 to reflect on their  annual achievements work and beyond . among the participants was the Rwenzori information Centres Network (RIC-NET), Rwenzori Forum for  peace and Justice, 34 District Networks from the central, Western , eastern and  Northern regions  and representatives of Donors, NDI USAID, DGAP.
while opening the meeting, the Executive Director National NGO Forum,Mr Richard Sewakiryanga challenged the participants  to study History of CSOs uganda noting that the CSOs started in the country  very organisationed as cooperatives , trade unions, leisure as the uganda travelling threatre, football associations that were spread upcountry as the  kilembe mines, relligious  as the pentecostal , Youth Assembly, Girl guides and scouts.
He called the CSOs to reposition ourselves through respect inergrity documentation of the history, He  cautioned that its only in the CSOs where people work to develop others and yet less is done on their future, while calculating the Human Resource of 34 Districts Networks it was possible to influence 13 million people  with out much strive. CSOs should be  able to save for the future after retirement.
During the convention the participants shared areas where they had excelled as joint monitoring, budgeting,  AGMs, Advocacy,QUAM &  Networking.
The members shared their plans beyond 2014 to conduct Civic Education, monitoring  education performance .
Fundraising was key  at the this convention as the different Donors presented on funding modalities.
Jackson kaguri the founder of nyakaschool in kanungu shared that:
Donors give because they have been asked
Creating a relationship with the Donors is critical
Resource mobilisation is an act of every individual in the organisation
Always find out the passion of the giver before approaching   them  for support.
The convetion ended with a coktail.