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Thursday, December 5, 2013


Bundibugyo District leadership has pledged to keep walking   the journey of ICT promotion that was started in as far as 2011. In a meeting held on 4th December 2013at the District headquarters. The meeting   chaired by  Mr. Nsubuga, the Deputy CAO, was held  with an  objective of Discussing  with the District leaders the strategy of sustaining the E-center and jointly mobilizing resources  for the operations of the the E- center starting January 2014. 
Participants in the meeting were the District Secretary of Finance, the   Deputy CAO, District planner, District NAADs Coordinator and the District commercial officer RIC-NET team led by the Executive Director Mr. Murugahara John Silco, the program Manager, the Systems Administrator, the Documentation officer and the center ICT officer. 

The Deputy CAO chairing the meeting.
The CAO appreciated the support of RIC-NET and RWECO for the three years. he said the  project  has enabled the Local Government and citizens share reliable and timely information and mostly the District plans which have increased community ownership and participation in government programs and projects established by the Local Government.
The E.D RIC-NET presents at the Meeting
While presenting the status of RIC-NET after 31st December 2013 when the project has closed, The Executive Director mentioned that RIC-NET will keep supporting Bundibugyo E-center in terms of updating and hosting the District website and the E-Library, training the District staff in managing the online platforms, Maintenance of the ICT officer up to March 2014 and repair and maintenance of equipments. 

In his closing remarks, the   District secretary of finance noted that the leadership was committed to keep the center running and among the strategies in place, an officer from the planning unit was attached to the E-centre for support supervision, a maintenance,management plan had been drawn awaiting approval of the District council. In the long term plan the District will write and engage the public service commission for recruitment of a permanent ICT officer.