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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


participants in a group photo with the v/president for uganda counseling association mrs mary asiimwe
This took place on Saturday 23rd -24th February 2013 at Kamwenge Guest Home in Kamwenge District where by over 200 youths attended.
The two days training youth camp which was jointly organized by Western Uganda Media Foundation in partnership with Western College of Commerce attracted different youths from various, tertiary institutions and secondary schools within and outside Kamwenge?
ICT incharge kamwenge E-center in a group photo with members from western media foundation

As the theme went ,developing a dream for life  the function was officiated by the vice president for Uganda Counseling Association Mrs. Mary Asiimwe Butamanya who advised the youth in a package which covered the following in order to make their dreams come true;
Self awareness, developing a dream for life, Counseling and guidance, Entrepreneurship skills, Environmental mainstreaming, building strong relationship and Social economic and political transformation.

The training which was characterized by drama groups, dancing, sighting poems, and goat roasting as the youth socialized and interacted together which brought a sence of togetherness amongst themselves.
Many participants were awarded certificates after a successfully training course as they parted way happily and joyful.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


One can say it is on record that  there has been limited will or slow pace of individuals to embrace and use ICTs in the Ruwenzori region and more so in kamwenge district.
Having been installed five months ago at Kamwenge district headquarters, a lot has been achieved and a total number of 800 users have been registered according to the records extracted from the user’s books.
district staff and students on practice
As citizens continue to access the free services provided at the center, It has been reported that a number of individuals have utilized the center in different ways that’s they have used internet to communicate across the world which has improved communication and information sharing whereby the citizens have created new and renewed their email addresses. Again some district staff and the public have been trained in computer skills, Photocopying, scanning, printing documents and surfing therefore improving the life styles of the citizens. Appreciating the support of RIC-NET in extending such initiative to the citizen of Kamwenge

                                                 Voice from the beneficient

                   FABIAN HABIYALEMYE Senior Education Officer Kamwenge District

The E-society center has enabled me get quick information concerning Jobs which I have applied for online, my son Victor kaihura has been trained in elementary computer applications, have been able to access different newspapers online which has reduced my daily expenditure on buying newspapers and I have been able to create E-mail addresses for my family members.
I therefore compliment RIC-NET for extending the services to the Kamwenge


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Training of District Leaders in Luweero yields

District leaders in Luweero district have embraced the “Enhancing civic competence for social accountability” project after acquiring skills in the use of e-libraries and websites.
Meeting the Chief Administrative Officer Luweero District Mr. Kyoma Christopher Sunday, he thanked and welcomed the initiative to the District. He also said that most people neglect these online platforms yet they add value to the districts. He wished the facilitators a happy stay in the district.
FHRIs Rose and DIO Luweero talking to the C.A.O shortly before the training
The two days training that ran from 13th -14th February 2013 was held at the District Local government headquarters in Luweero. In attendance was the District Information Officer, the Health department bio-statistician, the senior records officer, training coordinator Foundation for Human Rights Initiative and the ICT personnel FHRI.
In her opening remarks the training coordinator FHRI welcomed all the participants who had turned up for the training and requested them to embrace the skills and use them effectively. The District Information Officer Ms. Stella also thanked the initiative by FHRI and RIC-NET through CEW-IT for such wonderful opportunity to Luweero district and promised total cooperation throughout the project since these online platforms would increase the visibility of the District and easy information sharing.
Training Session
The facilitators from RIC-NET went ahead and started training in different ICT fundamentals and hands on practices. The two days interactive training left participants with skills in web site and e-library updates.
Despite of the interrupted power cuts, we managed to handle the training through improvising by the District administration.
The officers also promised to avail the necessary information for the website as soon as possible. The site will be online as soon as possible when the data is availed by the concerned parties. The District electronic library is however already online at .
Hands on training
Speaking to one of the participants after the training Mr.Bonju said that the training was beneficial “It has been a nice training we have learnt of new skills however we need more of these hands trainings as we start updating these platforms” he said.
Ms.Nakibuka stella also confessed that she had benefited a lot “the training has been beneficial, skills have been acquired however there is need for back up support in case anything goes wrong” she added.
The training ended at 3:00 pm on the second day and departure was at leisure.
Participants trying it themselves.

Friday, February 1, 2013


On Thursday 31st January 2013, the civil servants, political leaders and development partners assembled at the kyegegwa district headquarters to plan for the 2013/2014 financial year. it was interesting  to learn from the District that has existed for less than four years that has clear plans  of improving  household incomes,  according to the District production and marketing officer, she   mentioned projects as the milk cooling plants  that will be set up for people in kyegegwa and mpara sub counties, maize milling machines for kasule, Hapuuyo, kasule  sub counties targeting the local citizens , however the political leaders tasked the civil servants to prepare the local citizens by forming and registering them as  Cooperatives and CBOs to fully benefit from such upcoming projects. The District has also few days to suffer from lack of power as they have already formalized with RESCO Uganda LTD to assess the power and compensation related issues, this is an opportunity for reduced cost on fuel at the same time making it easy for RIC-NET in partnership with the District to establish and run the E-society for improved information sharing and accountability from leaders to the citizens.  besides RIC-NET,  other development partners  that participated in the meeting was Ride-Africa, Baylor, UNHCR (kyaka 11 refugee settlement).