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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The national celebrations for the international day of peace (21st September) in Uganda   were held at Mbarara independence grounds with a number of participating organizations; local, national and international.The theme of the celebration was "partnership for peace" Dignity for all and participating organizations included UNICEF, UNHCR, World food program, international alert, Nile dialogue platform, CEWIGO, Uganda joint Christian council ,RWECO (consortium where RIC-NET is a member organization),office of the prime minister and the president’s office.
The representative of the UN resident district coordinator delivering her speech
 A number of key dignitaries attended the celebrations and among these was British high commissioner to Uganda Miss Arison Black burn, representatives from the office of the president, representatives from the office of the prime minister, representative of the UN resident coordinator ,chair person peace committee Mbarara Capt. Martha Asiimwe among other dignitaries and the chief guest professor Tarsis Kabwegyere who urged citizens to always keep peace as this country went through a lot of destruction due to lack of peace and so such unrest should be avoided.

Rwenzori information centres network(RICNET) also participated in the celebrations under the umbrella consortium of RWECO.

RWECO consortium members at their table during the celebrations
A number of activities were carried out during the day and these included, peace match that was led by the army band as other members of the community followed, performances from school children and cultural groups about peace, speeches from key dignitaries, civil society fraternity and the chief guest and the function was closed by burning of fire arms from disarmed groups and all fire arms that were owned illegally. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The Global Fund for Children (GFC) is working with seven Ugandan grassroots based organizations on Conflict Affected girls program across conflict affected areas of Uganda.
some of the participants during a role play
As a result of a meeting that took place in Kampala in July 2015 between GFC program officer for Africa and Middle East, GFC partners and Mango Tree, GFC partners showed interest to work with Mango Tree in developing materials to inform their programming of conflict affected program for effective results of the intervention. So the proposed meeting took place at Mango Tree offices in lira on 7th September 2015.
The partner organizations who attended the meeting were Rwenzori Information Centre Network (RIC-NET), Fight to Improve Community Health (FICH), Hope and Peace for Humanity (HPH) and and apologies from CIYOTA, COW-Foundation, RICE-WN and LICO were registered.RIC-NET was represented by two staff;Kenyana Evelyn and Kaliba Charles.
The meeting aimed at  discussing cross cutting issues on barriers to livelihood and education (formal and informal) ideas to aid in developing materials/packages to support the target audience that partners serve in addition to generating information that can help to develop suitable package for use by partners.
Activities that took place in the meeting include:
·         Sharing of stories how the intervention of the GFC program has at least changed the life of a girl where RIC-NET shared a story of a conflict affected girl who was trained in computer and was able to get employed at a secondary school where she works as a secretary and earns money that takes care of her, her daughter and her family. HPH another GFC partner told a story of a girl who was abducted and stayed in captivity for 2 years but after benefiting secondary school intervention, she is now learning in medical school “Lacor Hospital”, and FICH also GFC partner shared a story of a conflict affected girl who was having low self-esteem with limited family support and after using a mentoring tool of Powerful 5Ds cycle and entrepreneurship training, she is able to lead other girls in her school and community and her poultry keeping business attracted one of the radio stations and was invited to speak on air to encourage other girls.
·         Participants were introduced to some of the tools that mango tree developed and participants were divided into groups and each group was tasked with presenting using a particular tool which included use of pictorial charts, role plays, developing songs which made learning interesting and interactive.
·         Participants were asked to ask for the tools they thought would be of help in changing the lives of their audiences regarding which challenges were more pressing .so participants were able to come up with the following tools:
§  Skills for Life “Youth and Children” training materials
§  Youth Map material that prepare youth to transition to work place
§  The good life at school tool
§  Adolescent Health Counseling flip chart
§  And Training of Trainers (ToT)