Thursday, January 28, 2016


CBOs representatives in Kitholhu sub county
As minors, children have inadequate capacity to make decisions on their own for themselves in any known jurisdiction of the world. Instead their adult caregivers, including parents, social workers, teachers, youth workers, and others, are vested with that authority, depending on the circumstances, which  give children insufficient control over their own lives and causes them to be vulnerable and leaving them at the risk of being marginalized, abused  and violated. Basing on the above setback in the childrens’ lives, Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO) funded by the East African Children Fund has intervened to uplift the dignity of children and create a child friendly environment using community led mechanisms to prevent violence against children and adolescents in Kasese district.
John Silco the of RIC-NET training CBO members
Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RICNET), a partner organization of RWECO on 27th Jan.2016 held a sensitization meeting with women groups, youth groups and leaders of Kitholhu at the sub-county headquarters to preach the gospel and bring to peoples mind the need to prevent violence against children in Kasese. This meeting follows several other meetings of the kind held with school head teachers, PTA members and school management committees among others. During this meeting, different childrens’ rights were explained, parents’ responsibility in the upbringing of children categorized in the 3 P’s that is provision, protection and provision were discussed and emphasized the fact that parents were obliged to giving all the 3 P’s to their children to allow them grow up healthy and free. Further more people were asked to draw a line between punishing and hurting children since it from that background that violence against children will be kicked out children’s lives.
Ms. Jetrida, a women leader making a contribution
After a long day discussion characterized by questions and answers, a way forward was agreed upon which among others included; sensitizing others in the community about violence against children, living by examples by having violent free homes, making by-laws and monitor those violate children’s rights among others.

Friday, December 18, 2015


participants attentively paying attention to what should be done to prevent violence against children

Despite the prevailing laws and convention on the rights of the child, children have remained the most vulnerable and marginalized group in the world and Uganda in particular. Violence against children is bred by society, adults, family members and peers at school and community level. Violence can be physical, emotional, economic, sexual; and psychological (SCIU 2005), it also includes child abuse in form of beating, tying, burning, corporal punishments, and denial of food, school fees, cloths and shelter. Girls and boys suffer different forms of violence.  Girls are faced with sexual violence, denial of a good health environment to meet their sexual reproductive needs like sanitary facilities access to health and education, while boys are faced with physical violence in form of corporal punishments by adults.

Mr.Murugahara John giving the project overview

Following the above background, Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO) with support from the East African Children Fund (EAFC) has come up with a project “community-led mechanisms to prevent violence against children and adolescents”. The project aims at curbing down the vice through a community-led approach through economic empowerment of women, strengthening capacity of school management committees living within the school environment

The project will be implemented by the RWECO member organizations of Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RIC-NET), Karambi Action Life Improvement (KALI), Democracy Link- Africa (RIDE-AFRICA), Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development (GHFRD) and Kasese Guide Radio to do all the media activities. This pilot project is targeting eight sub-counties of Karambi, Kitholhu, Nyakiyumbu, Kisinga, Karusandara, Maliba, Kitswamba and Katwe Kabatooro town council and 16 schools selected from each of these sub-counties in Kasese district. RIC-NET as a partner organization was given the schools of Kanyatsi, Karambi, Kyabikere and Kamasasa primary schools to operate in.
"Education is every child's right" he cries out loud
It is upon that background that RICNET held a joint sensitization meeting on 17th Nov.2015 at Bwera Teachers College about violence against children for headteachers, PTA, school management committees, senior women and masters of the schools of Karambi, Kamasasa, Kanyatsi and Kyabikere primary schools as the area of operation for the project. The area inspector of schools Mr. Biryande. M. Edson and the C.D.O Kitholhu sub county Mr. Mukokoma Bwambale Paul also attended the meeting.
 PTA member gives his views about violence against children
A brief definition of violence was given to give the subject matter of the project and to allow the participants think more about the vice. Among other things discussed were the forms, causes, and effects such as physical, emotional, psychological, child neglect, spiritual a result of Persistence of cultural beliefs, Poverty, over dependency on single bread winner which end in Poor academic, Death, Body deformity, Chronic Depression among others respectively.The inspector of schools Mr.Edson pointed out his desire to improve the education sector of Kasese. He further added saying school should not be a place of torture to the children but a place of joy to the children because it a learning place whereas the C.D.O Kitholhu sub county strongly condemned violence and stressed that defilement is a health hazard to the children. In his speech, Mr. Mukokoma said to abolish violence against children should be everyone's responsibility.
C.D.O explaining how bad violence against children is
The discussion was so interactive that teachers from different schools shared their experiences and ideas among which include; special counselor teachers should be employed specifically to give counseling to children, sex education should be provided to children to prepare them into responsible adults, teachers should take note of the violent characters in their pupils and find the appropriate ways of correcting them, teachers should make school the best place for the children to be and opening of term parents meeting should be held in each schools to teach the parents what to do in abide to prevent violence against children among others. The meeting ended successfully, teachers and the government officials appreciated and welcomed the project while willing to work hand in hand with NGOs to kick the vice out of Uganda.
Some of the acts being decampaigned by Rweco through the project