Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Parents in the meeting at kanyatsi primary school

Parents of Kanyatsi primary school have agreed upon working as a team to end violence against children in Kitholhu Sub-County. This was resolved during a parents meeting on 27th June 2016 at the school which was spearheaded by the retired DEO Kasese district Mr. Kateemba Douglas who asked the parents to love their children first if they are stop violence against children. He said with love, parents will educate their children, provide for them to satisfaction, find vision for their children and help them pave way for their future among other things. He also challenged the parents who sleep well while the children are sleeping in a poor condition, very dirty and being feasted on by bedbugs. Mr. Douglas called for peace and harmony in homes as the only way to bring up children into responsible citizens of Uganda.
Mr.Kateemba demonstrating the education cycle to the parents.
Among other issues discussed, lunch for the pupils was cited out to be a leading factor affecting the children’s performance and to stamp it out; parents agreed that they are going to start packing food for their children without fail to ensure that their children have lunch. They also agreed to make sure they take their children’s happiness a priority in their homes. Parents agreed that it should be a collective responsibility to ensure that violence against children becomes history in Kasese district.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


District Khadhi addressing moslems during the conference
Religious leaders command extraordinary moral authority, fostering dialogue, helping to bridge differences, influencing thinking and behavioural change. Benefitting from the trust and confidence of individuals, families and communities, religious leaders can help transform community into universal friendly place for every one basing on the principle that no religious teaching or tradition justifies any form of violence against children. Therefore decisive voice, advocacy and mobilizing capacity of religious leaders was given priority attention. Following that background, RICNET organized an education conference with the Muslim leaders on the prevention of violence against children at Kasese Muslim nursery and primary school on 2ndJuly 2016.
Executive director Mr.Murugahara John giving the project over view
This conference was attended by the district Khadhi Sheik Abdul Hakim Juma, mosque Imams, head teachers of Muslim founded schools among other leaders who agreed to uphold Islamic teachings of ; Muhammad taught saying whoever is in charge of any of the girls and treats them well, they will be a shield for him against the fire, Islam prohibits violence against children, their abuse is unlawful and their exploitation is banned, Islam prohibited the practice of female infanticide, not only did the Quran prohibit this practice, it also mocks those who view the birth of a girl child with contempt (Quran 16:58-59), fear Allah and treat your children fairly, with love and mercy, your children deserve the right to proper education and upbringing, the best gift to children from parents is their correct training among other teachings to prevent violence against children.
Legal laws governing children

In his words Sheik Abdul called upon the Muslim fraternity to end domestic violence in their homes so that also violence against children becomes the history. He further went ahead to say that children should be punished in a positive way but not being too harsh with thrashing and beating. He condemned the practice of carelessly punishing children.

Friday, July 1, 2016


Though constructed in 1952, Lake Katwe primary  School is facing challenges of child labour and absenteeism due to the two major economic activities of fishing at Lake Edward and salt mining at Lake Katwe which puts children at the center stage of violence.
The head teacher Katwe P/S giving his remarks
This was learnt during a teacher exchange learning visit at katwe primary school on1st July 2016 that brought 2 teachers from each  schools  of Ibuga,Kyanya ,Karusandara ,Kenyange Muslim ,Kitswamba SDA and Nkaiga primary schools  to share the experience on how children in Katwe are handled besides the various challenges they face as a result of the two major economic activities in the area.  Cases of violence against children that exist in the area  were: children also join in the economic activities which makes them absent from school and eventually drop out, other children are involved in petty businesses of selling G.nuts and sweets, early marriages, defilement, video halls that make children absent from school among others. ways on how the children are handled in such an environment were discussed which among  others were; parents sensitization meetings about VAC are held, the school works with local councils and police about children missing school during school days and this has helped in reducing absenteeism and giving children lighter punishments .
Participants during the exchange learning visit
  “Teachers will be judged strictly “according to James 3:1, said Mr. Biryande Edson inspector of school, who urged teachers to handle children well as they are innocent people,  fight for children’s rights other than class work and also champion the fight against violence against children by preaching to other people in their schools and communities.
The inspector of schools sharing with the participants

Thursday, June 30, 2016


“There is reduction in the general school pupils’ enrollment as a result of the conflicts in the region” said Mr. Kule Barnabasi head teacher Ibuga primary school. This was revealed during the one day teacher exchange learning visit that was hosted at Ibuga primary school on 30thJune 2016.
Pupils lining up for their lunch at Ibuga primary school
Due to school violence, the process of learning and development has been seriously put into jeopardy which has greatly affected the children’s well being and education. It is worthy noting that the school provides porridge to pupils for lunch and a girl changing room during their special days of the month has been put in place to respond to some of the violence cases in school.

To decampaign school violence, RIC-NET/RWECO organized a teacher exchange learning visit aimed at sharing learning experience and how teachers in the host school goes about VAC in the school, to inspect the teachers’ public code of conduct both in class and outside class, to find out how the teachers in the host school handle children both in class and outside class.
Cases of violence prevailing in Ibuga such as Hard labour which leads to absenteeism, tribal clashes which puts children at the centre stage of effects, early marriages, Defilement due to conflicts around, luck of privacy exposing children to sexual violence, economic violence, moving long distances in search for water especially during the dry season which puts their girl children at the risk of being raped were discussed.

Teachers touring around Ibuga primary school

Over ten schools of Kanyatsi primary school, Kyabikere primary school, Kamasasa primary school, Karambi primary school, Kiburara primary school, Mundongo primary school, Katwe primary school, Katwe quarran primary school, St.Johns Bukangara among other schools and the inspector of schools Kasese district Mr.Biryande Edson, the area LCI chairperson  Mr.Kyomya respectively participated in the visit. 
 Teachers were advised to be agents of change in the community in order for the young ones become responsible citizens.
Head teacher Ibuga explaining explaining to the visiting teachers.

Monday, June 27, 2016


The Uganda –Congo border has two market days (Tuesday and Friday) which exposes children to the high urge for money and hooliganism such as alcoholism,smoking, commercial sex, robbery,child labour among others  at a tender age  leading to absenteeism and poor academic execellence. Due to this,  parents of Kamasasa primary school held a meeting on 23rd June 2016  to discuss the well being of their children while at school.The meeting was attended by the chairperson PTA Mr. Katswera Zaverio who  urged parents to nurture /teach their children good behaviors so that the teachers can continue from there and not to engage their children in hard labour as this affects their academic performance.
And the school head teacher Mr. Muhindo Zaverio sighted out the most common challenges in school as failure by parents to provide food for their children while at school, parent’s poor attendance in parent’s meetings, early pregnancies among other challenges.

The Head teacher giving his remarks
 Also in attendance was the area councilor Mr. Muhindo Paddy who urged parents to teach and provide materials for their adolescent girls for them to handle their menstrual periods comfortably as this was one of the reasons adolescents girls mainly absent from school as mentioned by the senior woman teacher.
The senior woman presenting girl  child challenges
At the end of the meeting the parents pledged to always pack food for their children and for those children who come from near to always go back home and have food, and to always attend meetings to understand their children’s education. Parents also agreed to work hand in hand with police to stop children from indulging in market day activities which exposes to various forms of violence.