Friday, June 24, 2016


A parent emphasizing a point during the parents meeting.

"There is no reason why we should stay at home with plenty of food yet our children are spending long hours at schools on empty stomachs" said Mr.Kasimoto Ernest.Parents of Kyabikere primary school have agreed to contributing food on a monthly basis for the pupils to have lunch at school. This was resolved during a one day parents meeting held at the school premises on 23rd June 2016 to plan for the well being, stay in school and prevention of violence against children. Among other things that were resolved during the meeting were; senior woman teacher should consistently monitor the girl pupils to maintain the hygiene of the girls during their special days of the month, parents should keep a keen eye on the friends their children make, dialogue with their children, Monitor their children’s school attendance, give career guidance to their children, appreciate their children the way they are and include them in decision making.
The district inspector of schools addressing the parents on VAC issues
This parents meeting was attended by approximately 120 people among which included the district inspector of schools Mr.Biryande Edson, Sub County chief Mr. Mr.Thawithemwira Eric, the district councilor Mr. Kisole Yonasani, parents and the school staff. In his speech, Mr.Biryande who was the guest of honour urged parents to respect the education journey their children are taking. “The education journey is the longest journey one can ever move, so we should ensure that our children complete that journey” he said. He further emphasized that parents should love their children, provide for them as that even the children carry that love to school. Mr.Edson said parents should frequently visit the school to monitor their children’s education journey and also bridge a link between the children and their teachers.

The meeting left many parents speechless for realizing that they have been ignorantly violating their children thus agreed upon making sure that they support the school to create zero violence against children. They said it should be a collective responsibility to make sure that children go to school, stay in school and complete school to have a happy generation in the near future.

Friday, June 17, 2016


The day of the African child is an event  that is celebrated annually by the member states of the African union and its partners to recall the 1976 uprisings in Soweto ,when a protest  by the school children in South Africa against apartheid –inspired education resulted in the public killing of the unnamed young protesters by the police officials .This day presents an opportunity for the children and children activists to speak out and condemn the atrocities made on the children to undermine and violate the full rights of children .Rwenzori region celebrated this day at Itojo primary school ,Karugutu sub county , Ntoroko district and the  theme of the day was “conflict and crisis in Africa :protecting all children’s rights  .A number of schools from all over the region  participated in the celebrations and some were : Kanyatsi ,Ibuga ,Mundongo ,Kiburara primary schools all from Kasese district ,Burambagira primary ,children under the care of compassion international in Bundibugyo and Kabarole districts ,children from SOS children’s villages Fort portal, Ntandi primary school and Itojo primary the host school of the celebrations among other children from other schools and members of the community  . 

Participating organizations included RIC-NET, RIDE-AFRICA, Save the children, world vision, KALI, GOOD HOPE, RWECO,Compassion International, BAWILA among others.
some of the representatives of civil society organizations present during the function

A lot of messages for protecting children’ rights were put across by children through poems ,talk shows ,songs and creative dance  and also by leaders in attendance that included the RDC Ntoroko, save the children manager for Rwenzori region who urged other civil society organizations to organize the celebration of the day of the African child and not only one organization to keep organizing time and and again and the LC V who thanked the efforts of civil society organizations in promoting children’s rights and urged parents to take care of their children as it is their responsibility and  among other speakers.
children of Kanyatsi P/S present a talk show on creating zero violence in schools

Thursday, June 9, 2016


“I did not know my child could move to this step and successful accomplish it, am very much overjoyed to stand hear witnessing my daughter’s graduation. Praise GOD Almighty for this day”. These were the words of Sifa Maombi’s mother expressing her hhappiness at graduation ceremony of conflict affected girls in livelihood and vocational skills at Rwamwnja Refugee camp CEAKA training Centre.
Ten girls identified as Munguiko Desange, Sifa Shabani, Safi Maombi, Dunia Florida,Murekatete Uzamukunda, Ruth Faraja, Umwari Gentile, Mugisha Magera, Mahoro Sarah and Baraka Madame completed the courses of hair dressing and tailoring. 
Asst. Camp Commandant Mr. Mugabe Leo (OPM office) John Silco (ED RIC-NET), Mark (Director CEAKA) handing certificates
In advancing the dignity of vulnerable children and youth, RIC-NET with support of Global fund for Children provided the 10 girls  with start-up kits in order to practice skills gained and start earning incomes to cater for their children, siblings, elderly parents and themselves. A complete set of Tailoring machines with accessories such as  threads, machines oil, scissors, furniture was offered to to each of the five girls who specialized in tailoring.
Tailoring students posing with their certificates and machines.
 And a complete set of hair dressing tools and equipment (braids, hair oils, saloon mirrors, carpets, saloon seats, saloon customers towels, hair rollers, furniture, solar lamps and portable radio,   saloon buckets and basins) were offered each of the girls who specialized in hairdressing. 
Hair dressing girls happy over their saloon materials and completion of school
The equipment were received in the presence of UNHCR staffs, Mr. Mugabe Leo Assimwe ( Assistant Camp commandant from the office of the Prime Ministers), Mr.Justine the  Community Development officer, Mr. Bigogo Astone the Chair person Local council 1 , the local religious leaders and the beneficiaries  guardians.  The girls were advised to be generous to everyone and to use the skills attained to build the future they want.
Two girls looking at a future ahead after the tailoring course
These 10 girls are among the 80 girls  out of school that have benefited from GFC support. apart from training in vocational, livelihood and entrepreneurship skills, and receive reproductive health,mentoring, psycho social support  and financial help to care foe their young babies while attending the training.