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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The mountain of promise, with potentials and very hospitable people has been left naked to be the mountain soaked in blood, mourning, hate, grief, fear, terror, groaning to lamentations of burying the dead but still a mountain of hope. This was a narration of hope from members of Inter-religious council (IRCU) joined the drive for peaceful co-existence in Rwenzori. The mountain is now silently crying in the hands of those supposed to put in right. “We must choose to define the mountain we want now (a happy one or grieving one) Justice Ogolla stressed”.  
participants who attended the interface meeting at virina hotel.
The interface meeting held at Virina garden Kasese attracted politicians across the divide, members from the cultural institutions, members from civil society organizations, members from faith based institutions civil servant, politicians whom lost the elections and members from IRCU. During the discussions, the members focused on amending what went wrong and this proposed action that can bring peaceful co-existence. Hon Sibendire Bigogo stressed that; the community representative must focus on the desire of the community. Peace begins with us and each one of us, we have no option but to remain the residents of the districts where we come from. We must hold dialogue meetings but putting into consideration; what kind of dialogue can be organized when we don’t even understand the key issues? Who are the players, who contribute what in the peace process? Dialogue cannot be centered only on protecting the image of one side and the rest remain suffering again.

Kasese and her people are characterized by Trauma (what should be done to the orphans and widows and those people still in prison), a lot of mistrust among parties, opportunists are imposition themselves in the positions of influence, there are clashes of hatred, we are now in the politics of deceit and threats of arrests to those regarded as royal guards.

We have handled the ceasefire and direct confrontation well at village and community level but there still exist aspects of fear to speak the truth and maintain the truth. Leaders must help the people to define our identity as people of Kasese as per the constitutions of Uganda, identify the key actors in the conflicts who has influence, power and interest yet those interests are not the interests of the majority, thus organize community driven mechanisms which include public sensitization meetings, leaders interface meetings, debates in schools, radio talk show and joint prayers for peace.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Children cry out to leaders on violence against them

Violence against children in Kasese District is reported to be increasing because of conflicts and human rights violations, economic breakdown in families,moral decadency in society, drug abuse , high population pressure on scarce resources like land, unemployment and high dependency on single breed winners.
 In a need to prevent violence against children and adolescents, Rwenzori consortium for civic competence (RWECO) a consortium of four member organizations: KALI, RIDE AFRICA, RIC-NET, GOOD HOPE in partnership with Kasese  Guide Radio, organized a District Dialogue at Nkaiga Primary School in Maliba Sub county on 13th July 2017  under the project "community driven approaches to prevent violence against children and adolescents in Kasese district .The dialogue aimed at giving children a platform to present their demands to leaders ,community members , policy makers and parents .Some of the demands included: Children’s rights to be respected, supporting their education through provision of scholastic materials , midday meals and other requirements , teachers not to be at the forefront of violating their rights,fight poverty  at the household level and parents to play their role of good parenting .
RIC-NET facilitated pupils of  Kanyatsi Primary School in Kitholhu Sub County located in the 
hills of the  Rwenzori mountain  bordering with Congo to attend the dialogue and also express their opinions about children's rights and preventing violence against them through songs ,poems and talk show  .
Kanyatsi primary school presenting a skit on violence issues
 This also exposed  the pupils  to a new environment,  to meet and interact with children from different schools .
The representative of the guest of honor Mr. Mutanaba Patrick LC3 Kisinga Sub County in his remarks thanked RWECO for organizing the event and putting children as a priority in their programs. He further said that children have summarized all the violence issues against them in their songs, poems, talk shows and skits, arguing that as leaders they are doing their part to see that violence is stopped and and called upon RWECO to engage with parents since they still remain the key violators of children and always organize similar events at the local level to reach  out a wide range of parents.

Representative of the chairperson (LCV) giving his remarks
The dialogue was attended by DEO Kasese ,district zonal leader of schools ,chairperson LC3 Maliba sub county ,head masters of different schools ,pupils from 4 primary schools ,students from one secondary school,chairperson local council ones ,district inspector of schools ,teachers ,parents and community members .
The DEO with some of the headteachers

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Our leaders have left the community in the darkness. This was revealed during the reflection meeting of Yesu Atubaliye women group on 11th July, 2017 at Ntotoro sub county headquarters. The reflection was attended by 30 women members (FPAs) who had been reaching out to other members of the community. Among the issues on the reflection was to sharing and discussing what each of the trained FPAs has so far done, the success and challenges from the actions.

Participants noted that, home visits have been done, they convinced more women to form or join women groups at village level such that they are able to share problems and challenges.FPAs are working with LCIII chairperson on the sensitization trips to the community, they have composed drama and songs that promote peace in the community. However, the issue of land in bundibugyo where some tribe think land belongs to the Omudingiya and OBB still cause some confrontation, women are still being overlooked and seen as only house wives, theft of farm products like cocoa and some beliefs of witch craft still exist.

Members agreed on a work plan of actions that shall be done in the next month and subsequent months. These action points include, conduct sensitization meeting in these village registering more cases, hold village and parish Barazas, encourgage women to start engaging in production work and petition the sub county leadership to sensitize the women on the UWEP and YLF that are meant to improve the lives of women and youth.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


This was during a sub county  dialogue meeting at Kitholhu sub county headquarters which brought  leaders on around table to discuss issues of violence against children and adolescents  identified during the implementation of the community driven approaches to prevent violence against children and adolescents in Kasese district. The meeting was attended by the sub county Chief, Chairman LC3, CDO, Parish chiefs, District councilors, Parish councilors, Chairperson LC1s, family and Child protection officer, zonal leader of schools  and Para social workers.
The moderator Ms Margret Kidiima, gave a brief report about the project and presented the issues of violence against children identified during the implementation of the project and these included:
  • Mid day meals not provided to school going children
  • failure to report defilement cases on time
  • Parents not attending school meetings
  • Absenteeism of school children during market days
  • Sub county not giving support to the schools of their jurisdiction.
  • Parents not registering their children at the beginning of year at school
The zonal leader of schools sharing her views
The leaders agreed that  violence against children is rampant in the sub county and the zonal leader of schools and family and child protection officer   reported that parents are the most violators of children’s rights in the community because of negligence and failure to adjust their behaviors when ever sensitized about violence against children.  On this matter therefore the leaders agreed to continuously sensitize the community, work as a team to report cases of abuse against children, enforce the bye-law put in place to prevent children from absenteeism in school during market days through arresting children found in markets on school days and LC1s to monitor homes and see children who don’t attend school during market days and leaders working with parents to see that children are monitored from school and off school.
in conclusion the chairperson LC3 and other leaders present pledged to work with out fear or favor to see that their community is violence free.
One of the leaders during the dialogue

Thursday, June 29, 2017


As one way of engaging leaders with the aim of preventing violence against children and adolescents,  RIC-NET  conducted a dialogue meeting at Karambi sub county headquarters which  was attended  by 30 leaders who included the sub county Chief, Chairman LC3, CDO, Parish chiefs, District councilors, Parish councilors, Chairperson LC1, Child protection officer, and Para social works.
The leaders were presented with a brief report  of the project , a summary of activities undertaken by RIC-NET to reduce violence against children and adolescents and key issues identified during project implementation which included:
Executive Director presenting the issues of violence to the leaders

  •  Failure by parents to register their children at schools at the beginning of the year .
  •        Mid day meals not provided to school going children 
  •      Defilement cases not reported by parents 
  •  Parents not attending school meetings 
  •  Absenteeism of school children during market days.
The leaders in their response  said that violence is caused by poverty ,drought among other causes. The leaders made actions that are geared to wards prevention of  violence against children and these include:
chairman LC1 giving his views on issues of violence
  •  Sub county calling for a meeting with head teachers to make resolution on mid day meals, absenteeism, registration of pupils, parent failure to attend school meeting
  • Head teachers to submit lists of parents who don’t register their children to the office of the CDO and be summoned,
  • CDO office to call a meeting with NGOs dealing directly with children to present some cases to be addressed.  


On the 28/29 June 2017, RIC-NET trained new ministers from OBusinga Bwa Rwenzururu (OBR) in the use of ICT. The training was held at Virina Gardens Hotels and later for hands on skill development at Clark’s internet center. 8 ministers, 5 males and 3 females attended the training.
hands on training at Clarks training centers

This is the second training in ICT offer to OBR by RIC-NEET. The contents of the training include, communication using ICT tools, developing a blog story, communication procedures, website updating. The members were also trained on web based or online reporting tools like the ODK for crowd sourcing of information to inform the institution on what is happening.
During the training, Ms Best Kambale the minister for education appreciate the online tools, they are faster in sharing information, she mentioned that one of the cause of the challenges we faced is the flow of information to the people. She agreed that since most of the subjects of the kingdom have phones, it will be easier for the spokesperson to share weekly update for public consumption. On the other hand the minister for protocol and palace affair Ms Florence Kabugho appreciated the training. “My phone has multi functions which I am now able to use…..such as uploading photos on the website, sharing short information from the community”.

trainer taking the participants through the ODK
The participants gained the skills to upload content on kingdom website and blog page, install data collection programs on phones. However most social medial platform for data collection require an individual having smart phones whereby some ministers were not having and cannot access at the moment thus they will be relying too few ministers for update.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


RIC-NET with support  from Child Rights and Violence Prevention -Fund(CRVP-Fund) is implementing a 3 year project titled community driven approaches to prevent violence against children and adolescents in Kasese district.As one of the activities of the project, RIC-NET  conducted a training with religious leaders which aimed at equipping them with knowledge of good parenting that they will share with their congregations through seminars of married couples , training of newly wed couples , seminars of mothers and fathers Unions and to the entire congregations during preaching . The training was attended by  25(M-20,F-5)  religious leaders from different religious denominations (SDA Church , Pentecostal churches , Baptist ,Anglican C.O.U , Roman  Catholics and the  Islam ). The key aspects of good parenting trained in  include : parents responsibility in bringing up of children ,limits in good parenting ,role modelling in better parenting and violence facing children,parenting styles (restrictive style,fair and stable style, permissive style, and un involved style ).
Executive Director RIC-NET giving a brief about the project 
The facilitator /CDO Karambi during the training
The religious leaders were impressed by the project and thanked RIC-NET for the good work done in the fight  violence against children  which they said is common in their communities . For this matter therefore they pledged to work as a team on child protection activities,aspects of good parenting , integration of child protection issues in their marriage training, mass mobilization, meeting the youth camps and giving quarterly reports on issues of violence against children.
The Religious leaders during the session

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The gospel of peace and co-existence is gaining more fruits and seeds. This was the revealed by the RDC Bundibugyo during the policy advocacy review meeting held in organized by RIC-NET on Land and Cultural institutions act. The meeting attracted politicians, opinion leaders, religions leaders and security. The cultural institutions act say that cultural institutions have no boundaries thus not limited to one geographical area. The communities in the area still think of cultural institutions with limited boundaries and to certain group of people. This is as a result of deceitful information shared from specific actors in the community with high personal interests, authority and using the community as ladders for their personal gains.
RDC making a presentation
 The RDC mentioned that there a lot of FUEL and Trouble causes” from individual person. These individual talk a lot of lies to the authority about the situation in the area, they have even lied to the public that all the land belong to OMudhingiya and Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba (OBB). He identified two categories of people (the core elders including the politicians and leaders from the cultural institutions). These have gone ahead to attach public institutions and properties to OBB for example markets like KIbaluma in Kirumya.  Politicians have thus used this chance to cause more chaos because they use situations where people can be got easily.
He advised the leaders in the meeting to engage the two parties (cultural institutions and politicians into a dialogue where they can accept the truth and stop dividing the people. Bring out those personalities using the name of OBB for personal gains which create division among the people.
chairperson of the elders forum sharing experience.

A child is taught from infant culture and identity. We must teach our children the culture of hard work, respect of human life and good morals for them to enjoy the Uganda and bundibugyo of the future. Ms Iddah who represented the people with disability mentioned that whatever happens, it’s the children and women who suffer a lot. 

Therefore she advised leaders to stop using the youth into issues that are not productive and cause conflicts. Participants thanked RIC-NET for ensuring the conflicts parties in the conflict in Kirumya Sub County are brought closer.