Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The gospel of peace and co-existence is gaining more fruits and seeds. This was the revealed by the RDC Bundibugyo during the policy advocacy review meeting held in organized by RIC-NET on Land and Cultural institutions act. The meeting attracted politicians, opinion leaders, religions leaders and security. The cultural institutions act say that cultural institutions have no boundaries thus not limited to one geographical area. The communities in the area still think of cultural institutions with limited boundaries and to certain group of people. This is as a result of deceitful information shared from specific actors in the community with high personal interests, authority and using the community as ladders for their personal gains.
RDC making a presentation
 The RDC mentioned that there a lot of FUEL and Trouble causes” from individual person. These individual talk a lot of lies to the authority about the situation in the area, they have even lied to the public that all the land belong to OMudhingiya and Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba (OBB). He identified two categories of people (the core elders including the politicians and leaders from the cultural institutions). These have gone ahead to attach public institutions and properties to OBB for example markets like KIbaluma in Kirumya.  Politicians have thus used this chance to cause more chaos because they use situations where people can be got easily.
He advised the leaders in the meeting to engage the two parties (cultural institutions and politicians into a dialogue where they can accept the truth and stop dividing the people. Bring out those personalities using the name of OBB for personal gains which create division among the people.
chairperson of the elders forum sharing experience.

A child is taught from infant culture and identity. We must teach our children the culture of hard work, respect of human life and good morals for them to enjoy the Uganda and bundibugyo of the future. Ms Iddah who represented the people with disability mentioned that whatever happens, it’s the children and women who suffer a lot. 

Therefore she advised leaders to stop using the youth into issues that are not productive and cause conflicts. Participants thanked RIC-NET for ensuring the conflicts parties in the conflict in Kirumya Sub County are brought closer.

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