Thursday, June 29, 2017


As one way of engaging leaders with the aim of preventing violence against children and adolescents,  RIC-NET  conducted a dialogue meeting at Karambi sub county headquarters which  was attended  by 30 leaders who included the sub county Chief, Chairman LC3, CDO, Parish chiefs, District councilors, Parish councilors, Chairperson LC1, Child protection officer, and Para social works.
The leaders were presented with a brief report  of the project , a summary of activities undertaken by RIC-NET to reduce violence against children and adolescents and key issues identified during project implementation which included:
Executive Director presenting the issues of violence to the leaders

  •  Failure by parents to register their children at schools at the beginning of the year .
  •        Mid day meals not provided to school going children 
  •      Defilement cases not reported by parents 
  •  Parents not attending school meetings 
  •  Absenteeism of school children during market days.
The leaders in their response  said that violence is caused by poverty ,drought among other causes. The leaders made actions that are geared to wards prevention of  violence against children and these include:
chairman LC1 giving a suggestion
  •  Sub county calling for a meeting with head teachers to make resolution on mid day meals, absenteeism, registration of pupils, parent failure to attend school meeting
  • Head teachers to submit lists of parents who don’t register their children to the office of the CDO and be summoned,
  • CDO office to call a meeting with NGOs dealing directly with children to present some cases to be addressed.  

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