Thursday, June 29, 2017


On the 28/29 June 2017, RIC-NET trained new ministers from OBusinga Bwa Rwenzururu (OBR) in the use of ICT. The training was held at Virina Gardens Hotels and later for hands on skill development at Clark’s internet center. 8 ministers, 5 males and 3 females attended the training.
hands on training at Clarks training centers
This is the second training in ICT offer to OBR by RIC-NEET. The contents of the training include, communication using ICT tools, developing a blog story, communication procedures, website updating. The members were also trained on web based or online reporting tools like the ODK for crowd sourcing of information to inform the institution on what is happening.
During the training, Ms Best Kambale the minister for education appreciate the online tools, they are faster in sharing information, she mentioned that one of the cause of the challenges we faced is the flow of information to the people. She agreed that since most of the subjects of the kingdom have phones, it will be easier for the spokesperson to share weekly update for public consumption. On the other hand the minister for protocol and palace affair Ms Florence Kabugho appreciated the training. “My phone has multi functions which I am now able to use…..such as uploading photos on the website, sharing short information from the community”.
trainer taking the participants through the ODK
The participants gained the skills to upload content on kingdom website and blog page, install data collection programs on phones. However most social medial platform for data collection require an individual having smart phones whereby some ministers were not having and cannot access at the moment thus they will be relying too few ministers for update.

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