Thursday, June 22, 2017


presentation of findings
Religious leaders from different denomination of bundibugyo district vow to “preach the gospel of peace” in the entire district. This was agreed upon during the training on conflict prevention and management and human rights violation that was held at the Throne of God church in bundibugyo town. The training attracted pastors, Reverands, Bishops, sheihk and catechists from Catholics, Pentecostal churches, Anglican Church, and Muslims under the umbrella of interreligious council.

During the training, the participants noted that conflicts in this areas is caused by individuals with personal interests and wants to raid on the back of the community, such categories were identified as politicians ,leaders from cultural institutions and individual self seekers. 

These people are raiding on lack of forgiveness, poverty in the community, ignorance of the laws, human greed, politics, low levels of education and cultural beliefs that exists in the communities.

Participants agreed that their work to preach peace should be motivated by the fact that we are accountable to God for the actions that we do. The evangelization process should be the save the community to protect their right especially the right to life and personal liberty to determine what is right and wrong for the good of the community.

group discussion.
Evangelization is also possible in peaceful community. Evangelization work is to be a brother’s keeper; therefore segregation of people based on clan, tribe, and nationality would mean failure to protect humanity. A committee of five religious leaders was formed that will conduct a dialogue meeting between the politicians and members from the cultural institutions

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