Thursday, June 22, 2017


Ric-net conducted a dialogue meeting in Kitholhu sub county headquarters which brought all leaders on around table to discuss issues of violence against children identified during the implementation of activities in prevention of violence against children in the sub county. The meeting was attended by the sub county Chief, Chairman LC3, CDO, Parish chiefs, District councilors, Parish councilors, Chairperson LC1, Child protection officer, and Parasocial works.
The main facilitator miss Margret Kidima from RWECO, gave a brief report about the project and  presented the issues of violence against children identified during the implementation of the activities  for a discussion and way forward and these includes;
Mid day meals not provided to school going children
Defilement cases not reported by parents
Parents not attending school meetings
Absenteeism of school children during market days
Parents not registering their children at the beginning of year at school
Sub county not giving support to the schools of their jurisdiction
The leaders reacted by saying that, true violence against children is rampant in the sub county and on this they said parents are the most violators of children’s rights in the community because of negligence and failure to adjust their behaviors,  on this matter therefore the leaders agreed to continuously sensitize the community, work as a team to report cases of abuse against children, enforce the bye-laws put in place to prevent children from absenteeism, LC1 to monitor homes and see children who don’t attend school during market days and leaders working with parents to see that children are monitored from school and off school.

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