Tuesday, August 16, 2011

RWECO Partners Conduct Baseline Survey

Following the training of RWECO partners (Good Hope, KALI, IWDP and RIC-NET) in pro-poor budget analysis on 11.08.11 to 13.08.11, partners have today started on a baseline survey exercise in their respective districts of operation; KALI in Kamwenge, Good Hope in Bundibugyo, and IWDP in Kyegegwa. RICNET staff is expected to beef up the different teams in areas of documentation.

The purpose of the baseline survey is to establish the quality and type of service delivery in the education and agriculture (NAADs) sectors in the sub counties to be surveyed. Two sub counties per district are going to be sampled for this exercise.

In Kamwenge, Kicheche and Kamwenge Town Council will be surveyed, while in Bundibugyo, Bubukwanga and Nyahuka town council and in Kyegegwa District Mpara and Kakabara sub counties will be visited during this exercise.
This survey is also geared at establishing the extent of inclusion of the concerns of the poor into the sub counties’ budgets and plans. With particular focus on the financial year 2011-2012.

In each of the Sub Counties, partners are expected to visit 3 UPE schools and around 15 NAADs farmers (beneficiaries). Other participants in the survey will include; District and Sub County leaders; CAOs, NAADs Coordinators and other staff, Sub County Chiefs, DEOs, Head teachers, teachers and pupils at the sampled schools, and some members of the community among others.

Areas to be looked at during the survey range from the Number and quality of facilities and services in these sectors, the teacher pupil ratio, status of available infrastructure,sanintation issues, funding, that is in terms of its timeliness, frequency, and amount, professionalism of staff, enrollment and retention of pupils in school, functionality of school and NAADs committees/structures to the procurement process and procedures under NAADs programs and the selection of NAADs beneficiaries in light of sex, issues of co-founding and Number of households benefiting from this service among others.

The survey that starts today will run up to 20.08.11.

The data collected will be analyzed by the different partners and compiled into reports that will be presented by end of August during a joint meeting of all RWECO partners that will convene to come up with a main report about the whole exercise.
This main report will be used for further advocacy at both District and National levels.

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