Friday, September 8, 2017


RIC-NET with other GFC partners in Uganda sent 2 staff per organization with support from the Global Fund for children(GFC) to train in fundraising and grant management course at the MS-TCDC training center in Arusha Tanzania. The organizations that attended included: CIYOTA, RIC-NET, COW-FOUNDATION, HPH, FICH, LICO and RICE-WN.
RIC-NET was represented by Mr. Murugahara John and Miss Kenyana Evelyn in the 8 days training that was facilitated by Mr. Edson Nyingi. The training aimed at equipping the organizations with capacity to fundraise and manage grants so that they are able to do their development work well.
The participants pose for a photo at the closure of the course with the course administrator and the facilitator 
 Participants were taken through sessions to enhance their organization capacity to fundraise and these include:

 participants during one of the sessions
Organization strategic plan (the facilitator emphasized on the idea of having a strategic plan for the organization as it directs its work)
The theory of change (what change the organization requires and ways of achieving it)
The fundraising strategic plan which clearly states what the organization intends to achieve financially and ways how it will achieve it  
Proposal development (situation analysis, problem tree analysis, SWOT/BEEM analysis, the logic model, the logic frame work)
The participants also visited one women’s group in Moshi called (Tanzania women research foundation) TAWREF, which gave strategies on how they do fundraising, how they get their donors and how they manage competitors.
Participants during the field visit with some staff from TAWREF
 The organization ED shared that they have fundraising strategy which includes proposal writing, charity shop (business that generates income for the organization to address its administration costs)
 Key ideas from the training
 An organization can do small business to maintain its administration costs as some times donors do not provide administration costs.
The 80/20 theory which emphasizes organizations to write as many proposals as they can .The theory suggests that every 80 proposals written at least 20 will be successful.
 The idea of networks and consortiums was emphasized for proper fundraising
 Fundraising takes place at all levels in the organization and by all staff.
Participants were handed over certificates at the closure of the training by the course administrator and the facilitator.
RIC-NET staff Evelyn receiving her certificate

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