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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


On 26th September 2017 the community of Rwenzori region joined to participate in the international day of peace that was held in Bwesumbu sub county Kasese District. The peace day event attracted over 1000 people including students and pupils from schools, parents affected by the November attacks, Esyamango from OBR, local politicians represented by the LCV chairperson, religious leaders, local musician from all ethnic divides and members from the CSOs.

Bundibugyo District was represented by the youth from Bandi-magwara cultural group where 20 people were supported. Key results from the events were; people were free to enjoy the cultural diversity of the different drama groups, religious leaders preached peace and unity to the community.

A message of hope from the Hon Mbathulhagho who represented the LCV Mr. sibendire moved people to understand their role in the peace process. He said we must burry the past and focus on the present and the future.

Ecumenical prayers were held for peace and unity and to bring sanity in the sub county. A sign of hope was shown when community freely shared soft drinks and refreshment with members from different tribes including security. Tree planting was done to commemorate the tree of hope at Bwesumbu primary school and other surrounding schools and communities.

All the speeches, music and drama was driving to; facilitating more local engagement actions to build a strong grass root foundation against Conflict Merchants. Dialogue platforms need to be created for local citizens to always meet and analyze issues of development at their local levels. Respecting the independence of the different arms of Government is pertinent for human rights promotion and conflicts management. Youth were asked to defy wrong advises that are anti-Peace and encouraged to work for their stable future.