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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


District leaders of Bundibugyo participated in the advocacy meeting on the implementation of the Cultural institutions Act. The meeting was held on the 27th September 2017 and attended by 26 people 14 male and 12 female participants were security, RDC, political leaders, ministers of cultural institutions, religious leaders, youth leaders and CSOs and media. The agenda of the meeting was on policy review of the cultural institutions act and its implementation on the community.

The participants looked at specifically those articles that have been mis-interpreted or not followed by the existing cultural institutions. They agreed that the Act has not been followed either it’s been misinterpreted by those supported to interpret it to the public. Such as articles 6,9,13 and 17 in the cultural Institutions Act 2015 and also looked at the constitutional provisions of establishment of cultural institutions and OBB in Bundibugyo.
After the discussion the members resolved that:
  • cultural leaders should not participate in politics either directly or indirectly. 
  • The District council resolution that recommended the establishment of OBB in Bundibugyo is shared with OBB and OBR such that the two can understand the key resolutions. 
  • That leader should take time to understand the Act itself before attacking other people. 
  •  District and cultural leaders should make a visit to Acholi land and learn how cultural leaders and politicians have worked together for peace. 
  • The community should use the blood pact actions that existed in our tradition create the bonds that unite the people of different tribes/ethnicity.