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Thursday, September 28, 2017


Youth from the secondary schools agreed that the future is in their hands. This was realized during the inter-school debate conducted on 28th September 2017 at Bubukwanga SS. the debate was organized under  the theme “the youth are responsible for escalation of conflicts in the community”.4 schools participated with total of 72 participants 32 female and 40 males including 10 teachers. Schools that participated were Bubukwanga SS as host, Kabango SS, Good hope SS and Three Angels high school.

The deputy head teacher of Bubukwanga SS gave an opening remark stressing the Idea of change of “attitude and mindset”He challenged the youth to focus on real things that can change their standard of living for better, other than hatred and deceit.

During the discussion the youth realized that indicators of tribalism are taking them behind, and that elders and government have contributed a lot to the action the youth are involved in at community.

These actions were highlighted as unemployment, quality of education, partisan politics, divide and rule policy and unconstitutional way of governance, while other realized that youth actions like drug abuse, loitering, are individual based. The youth made a resolution to refocus, create friendship and be role model at the schools where they come from. This will pave way for community transformation.