Friday, August 26, 2016


On 24th August  2016, the community members of Nyasoro village, in Ntotoro sub county Bundibugyo District held a meeting to share views on their involvement in the post election conflicts and how as community they can prevent and manage further occurrences. 

The meeting was attended by 87 community members, the LCI chair person Mr. Friday Alex, the CDO Ms Margret and the LCIII chairperson Mr. Monday Hannington. Others who attended the meeting were the foot peace Ambassadors from Yesu Atubalye group of Ntotoro Sub County.
LCIII chairperson Mr Hannington address the meeting.

In a meeting held at the compound of Mr. Mukirania Gideon who is also living in hiding. About 20 houses were burnt down in Nyasoro village alone, over 50 household were displaced, the Bamba moved in the camps set by UNICEF while the Bakonzo moved in the mountains to seek sanctuary, children no longer go to school, some lives were lost. The villages and cocoa garden have turned into park.

The community members shared that, the post election conflicts had an origin in the past and cannot be blamed to the political situation moreover all who contested was candidates from the NRM party. It was agreed that members who had been displaced should come back. Members from all tribes agreed to provide security to each other’s incase of attack. 

They also agreed that conflicts were results of issues they could not understand themselves and found themselves in the fight. A team of 20 youth was formed that will support the security team in guarding the cocoa garden. These volunteer youth comprising of all tribes shall be moving around the village with a police officer. Similarly the community agreed to support each other in putting up temporally shelters in the village.