Friday, August 12, 2016


Miss.Masika addressing the pupils
A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, Mr.Paul CDO Kitholhu Sub-County told the pupils of Kanyatsi and kathembo primary schools during a career guidance exercise at Kanyatsi school premises.  Young people must therefore be given the assistance they need to decide on their future careers, based on an adequate overview of the changing educational, training and employment markets and awareness of their own interests and strengths. To close the gap between the nation’s educational and vocational training systems, Kanyatsi primary school being supported by RICNET held a career counseling strategy on 11th August.2016.
The intention in holding a career guidance session was to improve young people’s knowledge of their own skills and offer comprehensive vocational information and practical experience in various professions. Equipped in this way, young pupils at the transition from primary school to high school are able to make more informed career choices and to plan their own careers more knowledgeably. The potential impacts include reducing youth unemployment and raising income, thereby reducing poverty.
Mr.Mukokoma Paul addressing the pupils

This function was attended by Masika Sylivia a registered nurse from Kagando hospital, Mukokoma Paul CDO Kitholhu Sub-county, Muliwabyo Elisha a prominent educationist in Kasese, Kisole Yonasani district councilor, the parents among others came to talk to the pupils for better life choices. Mr.Muliwabyo told the parents that they are primarily responsible for the growth of their children both physically, educationally, morally and psychologically. He urged parents to take their children’s education as priority if they want to live better elderly lives. He further asked parents to correct and guide their children in order to bring up good citizens and show them the right path of life. On the other hand Miss. Masika Sylivia told the pupils to read widely and also concentrate on their notes if they are to excel. She added telling pupils to fear GOD and respect parents to get blessings. Sylivia concluded by urging pupils to always consult teachers for more explanations, clarifications and more knowledge in and out of class while the CDO Mr. Paul asked pupils to perform their responsibilities, get role models to inspire them. He further urged the pupils to utilize there time at school for it determines a lot on what their future will look like.