Tuesday, August 16, 2016


On the 15th August 2016, at the dinner hosted by Rwenzori Information Centers Network (RIC-NET), the Prime ministers and spokespersons of Cultural institutions met to share the trend of conflicts in the region. Those who attended among others were RT. Hon. Kitsumbire Thembo of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu (OBR), Rt. Hon. Mubulya Wilson of Obudingya Bwa Bwamba (OBB) and Hon. Benjamin Kennedy who represented the Prime Minister of Toro (OBT) at Mountains of the Moon hotel.

 Due to the high level of conflict and human rights violations in the Rwenzori region, RIC-NET has implemented a project on Community action to prevent and manage conflicts and human rights violations in the region. The action is executed in close coordination with cultural institutions to enhance information sharing among the stakeholders, local community based organization as foot peace ambassadors and ethnic minority groups.
The meeting was a continuation of a series of engagement meetings with cultural institutions on the level and kind of information that should be shared with the community. During the meeting a number of issues were discussed including the implementation of the Royal communiqué of 14th April 2016, the Mubende royal meeting, the peace process in the region and how cultural institutions can foster Agriculture and Tourism to increase on the per capita income of the subjects.

The Prime Ministers agreed that during the creation of the cultural institutions deceitful information was used by some of the subjects to convince people to accept the installation of the cultural leaders. In such a multilingual environment deceitful information fosters the community into conflict. At the moment there is no clear way on how such information can be eroded from the people who have accepted it. The channel of communication in the institutions should be streamlined such that only authentic information is shared to the public by the responsible people. Such information should be well sourced, evidence based and concrete truth.
RICNET has looked at empowering Spokespersons on how to make use of the changing patterns in the society to communicate to the public (online using the available social media and social gatherings where leaders are given a platform to speak). Such information must be the same across the region to reduce bias and being altered by agents of conflict.

RIC-NET will continue supporting cultural institutions with training of staff on collecting, analyzing, documenting and dissemination of information to enhance development of indigenous people’s livelihood, cultures, attitudes and behavior that promotes peaceful coexistence among different ethnic groups in the Rwenzori region.