Tuesday, August 16, 2016


RDC addressing the people
The Resident District Commissioner  of Kabarole district Mr. Asiimwe Stephen has warned against fighting one another, wasting time on trivial issues and promoting unnecessary divisionism that hinders development and education in the region. “Most cardinal objectives of cultural leaders is to promote values, norms and behavior” he said. He made these remarks at the beginning of this week while officiating as chief guest at cultural leaders training on the prevention and management of conflicts and human rights violations at St.Josephs Inn Fort Portal organized by RICNET. It was also agreed that a problem cannot be solved if the root cause is not looked at. Therefore cultural leaders should go down and look for the root causes of conflicts in the community inorder to enhance peaceful coexistence. Tolerance was also looked at as a key to conflict management. Cultural institutions should accept the diversity in the region and learn to live peacefully with one another. Cultural leaders should prioritize peace, brotherhood  and unity for the good of the Rwenzori region. Cultural leaders should look beyond confusion and iron out their differences inorder for peace to prevail in the region. Cultural leaders should stop blaming each other and focus on peaceful co-existence, always speak the truth and show youth the right path to take.
Cultural institutions receiving the ICT tools
This training aimed at equipping cultural leaders of Obukama Bwa Tooro, Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba and Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu with knowledge on the use of ICT tools in the prevention and management of conflicts and human rights violations in the great Rwenzori region. There is need for enhanced information sharing among the cultural institutions to have an informed peaceful citizenery in the community thus a computer set, printer and desk phone were given out to each cultural institution to allow free and easy flow of information and also check deceptive messages that contaminate the society causing tension and pressure that finally spark off conflicts.  An electronic library has been put in place among other platforms to help equip the users with materials such as the constitution, a number of acts and laws  that enhance their knowledge.On this same platform we are able to  one can upload information for the public. This helps us tap peoples views, comments, concerns and issues from the community.