Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My first experience in attending the reflection meeting during my internship period.
It was Thursday and Friday when I came out from the arms of Morpheus and attended Information Centers Reflection meeting at Palace Motel and of which was successful. On day one all the staff members of RIC-NET went by vehicle which made me happy as an intern for RIC-NET.
After we had reached the place our beloved Executive Director welcomed all the members who had come to attend the reflection meeting from different information centers and wished them a fruitful deliberation. 
It was my first reflection meeting to attend since I joined RIC-NET and I learnt how people share their ideas differently, how they react on certain issues, how they come out with the challenges and how they overcome them.
I also learnt how to organize a certain workshop or training since we first held a preparatory meeting before the reflection meeting could be held. In this meeting duties were divided accordingly and this made work easy and time management during presentations.
Another interesting thing was that information centers were generating ideas for them selves especially the areas where they need improvement and they were noted by the documenting team as the action points to be follow up.
I learnt that evaluation is important because at the end of day one, assessment sheets were given to us to get comments on what has been transpiring in the course of the training and the next day, the evaluation report was presented first and some changes like sitting arrangement was done they and then.
  I was gleeful because we had delicious meals as well as drinks which were provided by our beloved Director after which he decided to take all the interns to sunrise Hotel for farewell party to congratulate them for having accomplished their internship successfully.
In conclusion, I would say that information sharing is the only tool to solve issues that rise from information centers.
Compiled by Kabanihizi Sophia –intern in secretarial studies.

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