Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Members of Development Network of indigenous voluntary associations (DENIVA)  of which RIC-NET is a member, assembled at the pope Paul memorial Hotel Rubaga, to attend a two days AGM 9th-10th August 2012. The meeting had a range of presentations that corncern the local citizens as the continuous split of the Districts, the launch of the National Alternative peoples’ assembly and the discussion and approval of the 2011 Audit Report. The civil society organizations also reflected on the question of  “95  Districts since independence has this brought services closer? , According to a presentation by professor Makara sabiiti’s survey results on the Dynamics of District multiplication and service delivery in Uganda (evidence from kumi, Bukedea and Ngora Districts) reasons advanced for creation of new Districts include  bringing services closer to the people, effective administration, solving ethnic and social tensions, popular demand for the people, however the endless creation of the local Governments is increasing costs of administration, there is no clear formula for creation of the Districts, small Districts with limited sources of revenue are not self-sustaining, the CSOs appealed to the chief Guest Hon.Kintu Florence  chairperson of the Local Government and services committee   who represented the Speaker of the parliament of Uganda, recommending  parliament to review and operationalise the constitutional provision for new Districts. The chief Guest also launched the National Alternative peoples assembly on the 9th August 2012.the membership had the next day where they discussed and approved the Audit report 2011 presented by carr stanyer Sims &Co.  Mr. Justus Rugambwa, The Executive Director DENIVA informed members of the efforts put in place to streamline communication as the Bulk sms where members have started receiving alerts on different activities, he also mentioned that the website has been revamped from being profile based to an interactive one where members were called upon to send in information so that their activities are reflected on the DENIVA website.

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