Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 The meeting that was of great expression, indication, and evidence was embraced at Palace Motel where information officers and board members from six   information centers participated from 25th-27july 2012. The information centers were orientation on different IT plat forms used by RIC-NET and of the staff of RIC-NET will continuously mentor them in  use of Blogs; while facilitating the ICT officer, defined these as short forms of websites which can be updated daily with information for better communication and time saving. D groups; platforms where the people could participate in ongoing discussions/ conversations or even initiate dialogues on issues affecting the local citizens. This would help them in sharing information and getting immediate response from the leaders on the issues raised the participants were advised to sign in and then log in as members on http://dgroups.org/11cd/kasese

the bulk sms as the easiest way of contacting a group of people was introduced as it,s one of the ways RIC-NET sends alerts to the community  as identified by the information officers,
Social media; this includes face book, twitter and Skype. could be used  by the information centers for sending and sharing files and information easily. Also, they enhance globalization hence easing work. U-report; this is a platform maintained by UNICEF which partners with RIC-NET. It’s a platform for the community to express their needs and issues happening  in their community. interested  members join text JOIN TO 8500.The The Executive Director  RIC-NET, noted that the E society centers had been created in the Districts e.g. kasese E-society  Kabarole E -society center  would work hand in hand with the information centers to enhance the use of ICT  among the local communities in the Rwenzori region.

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