Thursday, November 3, 2011


On Wednesday 26 oct 2011 RIC NET team visited SEMULIKI information centre in
BUNDIBUGYO district which is operated by Mr. Wilson when at the centre, members raised their achievement to the Executive director of RIC NET Mr. john silco that, they have developed other center points in the rural area that will help in flow of information in the community.
Some funds were disbursed to them with strings attached that it should be used in operational of the project and not for personal benefits accountability shall be required in every coin spent.

After inspecting the centre RIC NET team proceeded to BUNDIBUGYO district head quarter where district chair person who gave us go ahead of the round table meeting for the E-SOCIETY that was held in the council hall
The main objective of the meeting was to ask the district to have the E-society centre and to provide room that will help district officers in and outside to have access to information in order to reduce on use of paper work. Members at the district welcomed the idea that some of them need some training that will keep them updated and become computer experts also claimed that they have that problem of access to internal information added that since they will have a blog for uploading their news that will ease their inflow of information and be on map.
John silco Executive director of RIC-NET highlighted some of the key points the E-society as
• To strengthen information sharing
• For timely access to information
• Involvement of greater majority

He gave an illustration of as channel being used by Kasese district members in sharing information.
The members raised issues concerning costs associated with the establishment of E-society, utilization of the centre by the community.
From my observation as RIC-NET staff the idea was demanding and district members were asking when the system was to be in operation. According to Executive director of RIC-NET john silco, he said it will be early next year 2012 because KABAROLE district is the one on this year’s programme.

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