Monday, July 31, 2017


Under the project “community driven mechanisms to prevent violence against children in Kasese district as implemented by RWECO and its member organizations (RIDE-Africa, RIC-NET, KALI and GOOD HOPE) in partnership with Kasese guide radio with funding from the child rights and violence prevention –Fund (CRVP-FUND), the implementing partners work with couples who were identified as model couples through religious and local leaders as good examples in their communities as far good /positive parenting is concerned.
Model couples from the sub counties of Karambi and Kitholhu formed an association that will always bring them together to discuss on issues of good parenting, prevention of violence against children and also introduced saving scheme that will provide credit to its members at a low interest rate  that will help them improve the income levels of their homes.
The host Mr. Sebastian giving his welcoming remarks
 The couples on 29th July 2017 had their first meeting and a number of issues were discussed which included:
Sharing experiences on Positive/good parenting; Prevention of violence against children and the common cases in their areas;The number of couples reached out by each model couple in their areas; Drafting the constitution of the saving scheme among other issues .
The couples during the meeting
The couples were happy as they said the meetings will enable  them build a strong force that will end  violence against children in their homes and communities through sharing about different issues in regard to child upbringing and protection .

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