Friday, July 14, 2017


Secondary pupils from the Debate and human Rights Clubs of Bubukwanga SS, Three Angels high school, Good hope SS and Kabango SS conducted school debates at their respective schools. The motions for the debates were “local leaders are primarily responsible for conflicts in the District” and Revolutions are justifiable means to attaining peace”. The debates attracted 283 members (136 females and 147 makes) of the clubs in the school. During the discussions that were organized by the learners themselves, they stressed that leaders are the key actors in the conflict situation in the District. They give wrong information to the people, have failed to understand their role of proper guidance to the community, offer service in segregative manners, have politicized government programs, are more corrupt in nature and are full of anger to revenge especially those who lost in the elections.
Kabango SS students debating
These leaders should offer us the youth an explanation because their acts are immoral and have led to loss of lives of the innocent youth. Take examples of actions that happened in Kanyamwirima, Kirindi, Kabango, Kirimya, where innocent Youth who lost lives and those still in prison were acting on the advice and guidance of the local leaders as it has been reported on several media houses.
Mr. Biira Marion from Kabango mentioned that; though we may blame central government of their action of creating small institutions that are separating people especially the cultural institution and separating people into small districts, it’s the local leaders who take such demands to the President. The central government works alongside the poor planning from our leaders.Mbambu Carol from Good hope SS, mentioned that our leaders are tribalistic in nature and favour certain people. 

Three angels students in debate
Thus this affect quality of services offered and creates disagreement among the people. They are not capable to understand that politics is not permanent job, it depends on how you convince the voters and the agenda a leader is puting forward. So some of them have confused politics with tribal issues and these have created more problems in the District.
The students called upon the leaders to respect the community and peoples will, identify the challenges the people are facing like drug abuse, poverty, improve the quality of education and develop program that can list the youth.

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