Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prof. Katte Parry commends RIC-NET efforts on Community Library

John Silco (ED RIC-NET) , Prof. Kate and her volunteer student.

'Watering the seeds" describes the visit of Prof. Kate to RIC-NET. Her second visit to Information Centres in Kyaka, Busongora and Fort Portal encouraged the members and staff to remain Committed to Uganda Community Libraries Association(UCLA).

BRIC location at Base Camp lower, Kasese; on the slopes of Mt. Rwenzori.
Having planted the seed of Community library in 2010, the existing information centre have now turned their resource roomms to  Community libraries.

 A vibrant Busongoro Community library is now gracing the slopes of Mt. Rwenzori as one moves towards the copper and Cobalt rich valley of River Nyamwamba in Kilembe.
Busongora Rural Information Centre (BRIC) formerly ORDISEF
The Agriculture section at BRIC
Her face radiated a sign of happiness and feeling fulfilled for her effort in supporting community libraries in Uganda.
she applauded RIC-NET for successful winning the EIFL funds and was pleased to see the project being implemented as planned as she witnessed at Busongara Information Centre.
she promised to continue supporting community libraries in the region by linking them to companies that sell books at subsidized prices.

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