Saturday, September 8, 2012

Access to information for better service delivery-Bundibugyo in Agreement

Bundibugyo District Local government has embraced information sharing and accessibility through ICT tools. This was witnessed by the District Authority signing an M.O.U with Rwenzori Information Centers Network (RIC-NET) for the provision of an E-society resource center. 
Later, on a bright Thursday morning the RIC-NET ICT team left for Bundibugyo District to set up the center at the headquarters. Delivered were the heavy duty copier/printer and scanner, Desk top computers with all accessories and furniture. The equipment was received by the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO) Mr. Kasungu who thanked the team for having delivered and fulfilled the promise to the district.
During the set up, the District Vice Chairperson also thanked the staff and the entire RIC-NET secretariat for the work well done to enable information accessibility for social accountability.
After the two days of work Bundibugyo now has a functioning E-society resource center with an active local area network (LAN) and wireless hot spot within the district offices’ premises.

The center is going to offer a number of services to the district staff, civil society and the entire community of Bundibugyo district. Services will include;
Ø  Trainings in computer literacy and web 2.0 tools
Ø  Timely information availability through the use of online platforms like the district website, d-group, e-library among others
Ø  Internet accessibility to mention but a few
The ICT team has embarked on the online platforms after the set up of the physical center. The website will also be online soon however you can now access bundibugyo news at
During the set up the center received and recorded 15 visitors (according to the visitors’ book). The center will start full operation on Monday 10th September 2012

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