Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Listening to a community recount its achievements is a pleasant thing to many. On this chilly Thursday morning of 4th July, Charles Kaliba the RICNET community outreach officer and the Information Volunteer Ahumuza Miriam anxiously hoped into the car with the hope of a delightful day listening to what would be the annual general meeting of a successful NGO “L and E”. L and E (Literacy and Empowerment) is a community based organization that aims at eradicating poverty through increasing literacy and empowering citizens. This is through their Circles and reflection centers spread through the Sub County in the areas of Kikula, Rwenkuba, Kitaka, Karago, Katungulu, Mandaku, Bulila and Nyankaro.
On reaching at L and E, we received a good reception from Fred Baguma the acting Chairperson of the Organization.  L and E despite being in a rural area has lots of capacity like hardworking and qualified staff, equipment-computers, a generator, Television screen and books. Besides this, the extension of electricity to organizations’ premises has made work a lot easier and faster for the L and E.
 Several community members ranging from the elderly, to the youth turned up for the meeting. Approximately eighty (80) people participated in this meeting.

Land E members listening to Fred Baguma, the acting chairperson.
Starting the meeting, the guest of honor Mr. Mwanga Julius, KRC Director, welcomed everyone to the meeting and also guided the meeting through a process of self understanding/assessment. From this session members realized and also acknowledged that they were not ready for the Annual general meeting.  And as thus, suggested 19th July 2012 as the day for another general meeting when feedback from the selected committees such as constitution review would be sought. It is on the same day that a date for the Annual General meeting discussed. .
Impressive to note is that inspite of the internal challenges that L and E has been facing, it has worked so hard to stop them from escalating to and its centers; simply put, the Centers remained up and running despite the challenges at the Center.
Interestingly the reflection centers and Circles did not only keep in business but they created and or opened up new Centers in other areas with in the region. And on this particular day, all these Centers had assembled to discuss and also agree on a strategy together to rebuild their

Chales Kaliba Ricnet community outreach officer( left),  Mr Mwanga Julius the KRC Director( third left) at the function
founder organization.