Monday, July 30, 2012


My name is Eric David Neumeister, from Laurel Ave, Lake Forest, USA , a student at Dickson College  and I have been an intern at RIC-NET for the last 2 months. Generally, I’ve been involved with documentation and editing, but I’ve also been researching micro-finance, and developing a proposal for beginning a savings and credit scheme. I have enjoyed my time at RIC-NET tremendously, and I’m grateful to Executive Director John Silco for giving me the opportunity, and to the entire RIC-NET staff for their kindness and hospitality. I want to use this opportunity to extend my thanks to the entire organization, and also to say that I admire RIC-NET’s work, as well as that of all of its affiliates. 

In my 10 weeks here I have learned all about how RIC-NET operates and its plans for the future, and I’ve been fortunate to be a part of those operations and that planning. I plan to take all the knowledge that I have gained back home with me, to share it, and hopefully eventually to return and share what I can with the organizations. I wish RIC-NET, its employees, and its partners all the best, and I want again to thank everybody who I have been involved with in my time here .

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  1. Eric, it was nice time to work with you at RIC-NET and for sure we shall miss you.