Friday, March 13, 2015


Girls during the visit

The in school psycho-social and mentoring program aims at making conflict affected and traumatized girls be able to become successful people in their lives and be able to overcome the psychological effects of war and conflict as girls are mentored and counseled. Girls are taken through sessions that enhance their self esteem and confidence and aims at making them women leaders, business women and important people in their communities and look at their future rather than what happened to them in the past as a result of war and conflict.
The visit took place on the 9th and 10th of March 2015.
The aim of the visit was to check the progress of the mentoring sessions that help conflict affected and traumatized girls raise their esteem and confidence that will help them in their future.
Girls were able to share their success stories since they started the mentoring sessions and these are some of them:
Mbabazi Patience, a rising star confessed that she had changed her behaviors and she no longer quarrels and only concentrates on her studies.
 One of the girls sharing her story

Bahemuka Sarah said the mentoring sessions have helped her gain   confidence in public speaking.
Kayesu Agnes said that the sessions have helped her in exploring her talents like dancing and singing through the confidence she has gained from the sessions so far.
Wamahoro Espelanza says she was able to have a vision which is becoming a nurse and she is putting a lot of efforts to achieving it.
Girls have learned to put first things first which helps them to concentrate much on their studies and leave out other non issues like boy-girl relationships at an early age.
All the girls were saying that they have a positive change they have got from the sessions.

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