Thursday, June 14, 2012

Service Delivery or Sorrows Delivery?

When leadership after leadership comes and goes with less or no improvement on the delivery of services in some renown problematic areas, one is left wondering why?  For a long time now, the people in Kyarumba Sub County have suffered with poor infrastructure which has continuously made it difficult for farmers to connect to the markets outside Kyarumba, and, for the general community to move and do their other businesses especially during the rainy season.
I can remember clearly since Hon. Bihandi’s time, then Kitaghenda’s time and now Col. Mawa’s the bridge connecting Kyarumba to Kisinga has always broken down and left everyone (community and development partners) stuck and sorrowful!
Last month RIC-NET and KRC staff on a mobilization exercise of farmers for the market information symposium were  cut short on their journey because the bridge in question had again broken down and the make shift bridge that had been put across couldn’t allow for vehicles to pass.
According to some of the community members found at the bridge, they are now “used” since the district doesn’t seem to care; “twabiri beghera ekabada yetu, nibya kandi ibana balemi bethu abakatuleka muyu, mbinu nihabweribya isibikerenu, kyekikaleka ibatatufaku”. Literally meaning, we are used to being in our land locked place, yet we know that our leaders are responsible for this. May be they do not care because they do not live or come from here.
It is my appeal to the leaders and all you development partners that some permanent solution to this bridge should be found. Because soon or later even the other bridge through Kabirizi will be in the same state since the community shared that it was in an alarming state too.

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  1. The problem for the failure of making a good and long lasting bridge at this point is not because of the the constructors not coming from Kyarumba, but the problem is the relationship between the contracts committee of the district and the contracted company. However also the construction company has failed to the work as expected. But on the greater extend, the district Engineer has not supervised the works done in the district. The politics too has lead to inadequate construction works in the district.