Monday, February 6, 2012


It all started on the 31st Jan 2012 Morning setting off for Ntungamo District in preparation for the set up of the Data centers and training in E-platforms.
The objective for the set up of these data centers is to implement the political accountability project through the Citizens manifesto using the Huduma platform. The team led by DENIVA arrived late on Tuesday night and rested ready to start work on a Wednesday morning.

Bright Wednesday morning of work
On a cold Wednesday morning, 1st Feb 2012 in Ntungamo District the set up of the Data center at KAYODA by the CEW-IT/RIC-NET ICT team commenced. KAYODA is a partner member of DENIVA a member partner also of CEW-IT in this project.

Later after the set up a training session started that was introduced to members by Ms.Susan Nanduddu the project focal person of DENIVA.
Emma Oluka ICT CEW-IT took members through the Election monitoring platform that was used during the 2011 general elections. The intention of this was to introduce huduma to the participants a platform that is going to be used in this project to monitor service delivery.
This was a more interactive and interesting session to the participants where he (Oluka) managed to explain the Huduma concept very clearly.
ICT RIC-NET later introduced members to blogging as another platform of information sharing. He explained why one or an organization may need a blog and also how one would create a blog. Later at the end of the session, he (ICTO RIC-NET) created a blog for KAYODA that they will be using to update and share information/activities with the rest of the partners.
The session continued with repair and maintenance tips that were passed over to the participants by the ICTO-RICNET and the equipment was later handed over to KAYODA officially by Ms.Nanduddu Susan from DENIVA. The equipment included three Laptops, one printer, a projector and an oange internet flybox.

From the west to the East
This also started early in the morning of 2nd Feb 2012 from Ntungamo all the way to Kamuli for the same Noble cause.
Same activities as performed in Ntungamo were also done in Kamuli District on 3rd Feb 2012 at KANENGO also a member partner of DENIVA.
Oluka ICT performed the same activities as done in Ntungamo as so did the ICTO RIC-NET after the set up of the data center.
Another blog was created for KANENGO
This still came up after a thorough explaination of our being there by the Project focal person DENIVA Ms.Susan Nanduddu.
Three Laptops, a printer, projector and an Orange internet flybox was also handed over to KANENGO.
This was good experience, the set up and the training were all successful.

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