Monday, October 24, 2011


More than 42 million people around the world are affected with HIV virus and 26 million are estimated to be workers in their prime productive years.In Uganda over 1 million people are affected with HIV.The pandemic has adverse effects on the socio-economic developments sectors of the country. The impact is simillary manifested through declining productivity ,increased costs, declining profit .HIV is now a mojor workplace issue.

It should be noted that dispite the overall diclining prevalence rates registered
HIV Infection rates are still un acceptably high .There a need for concerted efforts to reduce on the prevalence and sustain HIV/AIDS prevention and control.

employers should promote quality of life and productivity by developing and implementing HIV/AIDS workplace policies and programmes.
The policy development and implimentationn guidline is specifically disigned to guide employer in the development and implementation of HIV/AIDS Policies and programmes.The policy aim at preventing the infection and reducing its impact at the workplace.,

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