Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RIC-NET monitoring visit of the Plant Clinics in the Rwenzori Region

RIC-NET staff (Progams manager mis Joselyn,Plant doctor Asaba wilberforce and Programs officer in charge of citizenship expression and engagement Mr.Timothy Balikenga) today the 27th of July 2011 started their three days monitoring visit to the plant clinics that were established in September 2010 with support from Global plant clinic together with RIC-NET. The purpose of the monitoring visit is to establish how far the plant clinic are helping rural farmers in controlling pests and diseases in order to realise high production at household level

The team started their visit in Kasese District-kisinga and kyondo sub county. During the visit,the teams went to one of the tomato garden where they identified a pest that is likely to reduce the production of tomatoes in that particular village. However,during their interaction with the farmer,it was observed the farmer had planted tomatoes in the same garden for last two planting season, secondly,the farmer had not yet applied pesticides to control the pests. This could be one of the possible causes for the infection as seen from the pictures .......more info coming

by Timothy

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