Tuesday, November 23, 2010

RIC-NET Staff Participates in Setting up Election Monitoring DATA Centers in TESO, Northern Uganda and West Nile regions

Mr. Bwambale Edwin, ICTO RIC-NET setting
up the LAN at PAC Uganda

RIC-NET under CEW-IT is participating in establishing a DATA Centers in the regions of TESO, Northern Uganda and West Nile at PAC Uganda in Soroti, ACCORD in Gulu and CEFORD in Arua respectively. The whole process is going on very well. So far the DATA Centers at PAC Uganda and ACCORD are complete and operation. Trainings have been held to ensure that the Centers are effectively utilized to satisfy the intended objectives. Next is the Journey to Arua, that’s on 24th November, 2010 to set up the Center in Arua at CEFORD.

The Chairperson of PAC Mr. Omwata Charles was introduced to the election platform of uchaguzi in PAC office in Soroti today.
This was during the setting up exercise of the TESO Regional Data centre under the CEW-IT project to which PAC belongs.

Mr. Murugahara John Silco, the Programs Manager
RIC-NET introduces the Chair Person of PAC Mr. Omwato
Charles to the Election Monitoring Platform.

The role of RIC-NET in the CEW-IT project is to provide ICT technical expertise to the activities of the project. For more Information about the activities of the project, you can visit the following sites;
  1. CEW-IT News Update Blog
  2. Rwenzori Peoples Voice Blog
  3. Uchaguzi Election Monitoring Platform

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Mr. Bwambale Edwin

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