Thursday, September 9, 2010


By: Erastus Ang’ienda – Fort portal

Having realized the problem of plant diseases in the Rwenzori region.
RICNET, a Non governmental organization based in Fort portal in
collaboration with SATNET, with the support of the Global plant clinic
has embarked on a strategy of equipping farmers with skills of carrying
out diagnosis of affected plants and giving them the necessary
information on how to control plant diseases. This strategy will use
information centers and farmer filed schools established by STANET at
the County, sub- County and parish levels to share farmer based
information. The plant clinics will be located in strategic places
near markets to allow farmers bring in samples of affected plants and
receive appropriate advices.

While addressing a one day workshop for plant nurses from Bundibugyo
and Kasese districts, Timothy Balikenga begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting the plant clinic project
officer at RICNET said the plant clinics will enable the farmers find
lasting solutions to plant diseases which in turn will enable them
grow healthy and nutritious food crops. He asked the plant nurses to
grasp the concept of the plant clinics and use this information to
help rural farmers take care of their crops.

The two districts were chosen as pilot districts because they border
the DRC where most of the plant pest and diseases in Uganda are
believed to come from. To enhance information sharing with the rest of
the districts, the plant clinics will be equipped with computers with
internet and digital cameras for taking pictures of affected plants.

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