Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The 5th  Annual Civil Society Fair in  Rwenzori region  was recently held in Bundibugyo District  at Booma grounds  next to Bundibugyo District headquarters under the theme;”strengthening  peace and unity  for sustainable regional development”. The civil society fair was attended by network organizations under NGO Forum and other participants from the private sector who had come to exhibit their products.
The main purpose of the Civil Society Fair was to share information across all network organizations through interactions and open discussions. Issues concerning food security and Uganda at 50 years were discussed during the civil society meeting.  It was agreed that every house hold in Bundibugyo district should create a store of food locally called Enguli” for food storage so as to be able to keep food for a long period of time. It is on this day 27th September 2012, that enguli was launched by the guest of hounour Mr. Alex Ruhunda a sign of boosting food security in the region. Hon. Alex explained that when food is stored for longer period of time  hunger is reduced.
picture of Enguli after construction

In addition to this, particpants acknowledged that, when the family has no food, there is no peace and development because quarrels amongst the husband, wife and children will arise from time to time thus causing instability in the family and consequent under or no development will be realized at the end of the day in the region.
Another issue discussed was Uganda at 50 years; presenting on this, the  Chair Person LCV Bundibugyo District Mr. .Tibamanya Jolly noted that, Uganda has moved a step ahead compared to the past years. An example quoted was the new technologies like use of cars, availability of personal phones and Net works, and improvement done in infrastructure. He said today one takes only a few hours to reach Bundibugyo District yet it used to take like a whole month because of poor roads.  He added that internet and computer training services have been brought closer to the people and so communication has been made easy, giving the E-society at Bundibugyo Local Government as an example Also modern technologies of agricultural farming were introduced through NAADS programme and the culture of saving has been adapted  through rural financial service programmes of “Boona Bagagawale” as efforts of the government to promote peace and unity for sustainable regional development.
farmers accessing information.

During the Civil Society Fair, Rwenzori Information Centers Network exhibited it’s services/products and received over 100 people at its stall. 70% of these were farmers looking for agricultural information especially on plant diseases of Cocoa, coffee and banana growing. The information was availed to them both verbally and in hard copies of several documentaries as shown in the pictures below On 28thSeptember2012, the Secretary Uganda Communication Commission Eng. Godfrey Mutabazi Launched “Bundibugyo E-society center” as the Chief Guest. Eng. Godfrey also officiated over the closure of Civil Society Fair. Speaking at the Fair, Eng. Godfrey noted that, every person on this planet has the potential to develop him self and to contribute towards regional development since we were all created in the image God. We have the power to create things are that can lead us to earn money he remarked. 

He also noted that for access to information is powerand yet most people are not developing due to lack of information, knowledge and skills.  It is necessary that everyone gets involved in accessing information to realize faster development. Eng. Godfrey, thanked the organizers of the Fair for the great work and RIC-NET for extending IT services closer to the people in Bundibugyo, saying that, it would help in accelerating information sharing and consequent development in the District.
Eng. Godfrey launching the center.

Conclusively, participants made two key recommendations from the two days’ discussions; food security and information sharing components are key in strengthening peace and unity for sustainable development!

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