Sunday, October 21, 2012

And so we deserved it

RWECO staff on 16th October 2012 received training in the application of the (ICT) and PRMT monitoring tools. The training that was conducted at Verina gardens in kasese attracted all RWECO member organizations KALI, GHFRD, Ride Africa, RWECO CU and RIC-NET as the lead training organization.

Among the key items trained in were the use of online platforms like blogging among others and the use of smart phones in social accountability monitoring.

In his presentation the ED RIC-NET emphasized on the use of these platforms and took members through them.

 He also put more emphasis on the way partners capture photos and said one needs to compose what exactly he needs before shooting a photo.

Emma Oluka also trained in the use of smart phones and the application of the social accountability tool “my panel”. It is an application based on market research. He showed members how they would use it when carrying out survey. The tool focuses on health, Education and water. It has a number of questions that the surveyor has to fill in and then submit to the system (huduma)
Members were also trained on how they would connect to any wireless networks on their smart phones, configuring those capturing good photos with those phones among others.

Among other things trained were installation of a number of applications on the android smart phones like skype, bible, my panel and many more others depending on what you want to use them for.

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