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Friday, October 6, 2017

Community members pledge to end violence agaisnt children in their communities

As one of the activities of the community led mechanisms to prevent violence against children and adolescents in Kasese district  ,community members organized neighborhood assemblies to discuss about issues that concern children in their communities .
The O.C police at the Karambi neighborhood assembly
Two neighborhood assemblies were conducted at Karambi primary school on 16/9/2017 which was attended by 106(m-30,f-76) ) and at Kyabikere primary school on 29/09/2017 which was attended by 119 (m-34,f-85) people  community members, OC police, CDOs ,local leaders and  religious leaders . Community members aired out their views in relation to prevention of violence against children and highlighted alcoholism and poverty as the common causes of VAC in the community. The common cases of VAC that were mentioned include discrimination, child labour and child neglect, failure by parents to provide lunch for their school going children  .St mark women’s group also passed their message of VAC prevention through songs and skits.
Key actions :
Parents resolved to share and involve their children in issues that concern their families.
Community members agreed to do all work for the development of their families according to their gender roles.
Community members agreed to always provide food and other school requirements for their children.
The people also pledged to always report cases of violence against children to the responsible authorities and to  always pack lunch for their school going  children .

St mark women's group presenting at the neighborhood assembly in Karambi