Friday, September 16, 2016


RDC talking to the people about conflict management
“Uganda is our country and Rwenzori is for all of us. We all need each other; we should not allow anyone to destabilize the peace, harmony and unity we have built together for years.” said Mr.Rwabuhinga Richrad
, Chair Person Kabarole District; while addressing the community of  Bukara parish,Kabonero sub county following the violent clashes between police and residents  on 14th Sept.2016 that left 6 people dead and several others seriously injured. 
The security meeting attended by  the Minister for Gender Ms.Peace Mutuzza, the District Chair person Kabarole Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard, the RDC Mr.Asiimwe Stephen , Deputy RDC Mrs. Rose Mande,   the DISO, Sub County leaders, NGOs and local residents was held on 15th Sept at 3. pm to sensitize the community to become law abiding and resolve conflicts peaceful. 

Hon.Minister Peace, RDC and LCV  addressing the people
 Residents of the area attributed the unfortunate clash between the police and the citizens having a root cause in the unresolved alleged rape case a couple of days ago when David (a mutooro by tribe) allegedly raped the wife of Mr. Moris (a mukozo by tribe). on responding to the woman's alarm, the residents rushed to the scene, arrested and seriously assaulted David the suspect before transferring him to Kisomoro police post where the case was not properly handled.

On 13th Sept,after David paying a fine levied at the police, he  reported a case of assault against the some residents of Bukara including Moris the husband to the woman he alleged raped. 
The crime preventers and later the police from Kibito Police station attempting to arrest these suspects that allegedly assaulted the suspected rapists  angered the local community and they responding with violence to the crime preventers and later on to the policeThe local  youth armed with knives, pangas and stornes ganged up against police leaving two police men and four civilians dead and many others with permanent injuries.
RIC-NET staff working on conflict resolution were at the scene
This mob action is a security threat to rule of law and justice and hence the local residents were asked to preserve peace and harmony in the area, stop taking the law in their hands (mob Justice) but remain vigilant about the security in their area. The leaders gave condolence messages  and  sympathized with the families of the The tension and fear of revenge  has left over 300 people displaced to the neighboring areas of Kasangali- Bwesumbu Sub-county- Kasese District, Nyarugongo C.O.U and Nyarungongo Catholic Church in Katebwa Sub-county-Kabarole District. The leaders asked the Resident to come back home and assured the people of security.