Thursday, June 30, 2016


“There is reduction in the general school pupils’ enrollment as a result of the conflicts in the region” said Mr. Kule Barnabasi head teacher Ibuga primary school. This was revealed during the one day teacher exchange learning visit that was hosted at Ibuga primary school on 30thJune 2016.
Pupils lining up for their lunch at Ibuga primary school
Due to school violence, the process of learning and development has been seriously put into jeopardy which has greatly affected the children’s well being and education. It is worth noting that the school provides porridge to pupils for lunch and a girl changing room during their special days of the month has been put in place to respond to some of the violence cases in school.

To decampaign school violence, RIC-NET/RWECO organized a teacher exchange learning visit aimed at sharing learning experience and how teachers can go about VAC in the school whose aims are; to inspect the teachers’ public code of conduct both in class and outside class, to find out how the teachers in the host school handle children both in class and outside class.
Cases of violence prevailing in Ibuga such as Hard labour which leads to absenteeism, tribal clashes which puts children at the centre stage of effects, early marriages, Defilement due to conflicts the region, luck of privacy exposing children to sexual violence, economic violence, moving long distances in search for water especially during the dry season which puts their girl children at the risk of being raped were discussed.

Teachers touring around Ibuga primary school

Over ten schools of Kanyatsi primary school, Kyabikere primary school, Kamasasa primary school, Karambi primary school, Kiburara primary school, Mundongo primary school, Katwe primary school, Katwe quarran primary school, St.Johns Bukangara among other schools and the inspector of schools Kasese district Mr.Biryande Edson, the area LCI chairperson  Mr.Kyomya respectively participated in the visit. 
 Teachers were advised to be agents of change in the community in order for the pupils to become responsible citizens.
Head teacher Ibuga explaining explaining to the visiting teachers.