Wednesday, May 6, 2015


On 8th March 2015 At St Thereza teachers and students show cased their ICT skills to the members of the management committees. On those days students showed their ICT skills they have acquired through. 14 (3 female and 5 males. 2 and 4 Sister’s) School management committees’ members attended the event in the school.

Mr. Felix Kule a Head of department at the school show cased how ICT innovations have boosted confidence among the learner by presenting a lesson using simple photos from around the school compound. On the other hand the students presented the some of the poems learnt from Teacher Edith.

Members of the management agreed to support and lobby both Government and private sector for more equipments and technologies. Among those highlighted was the inter-com technology to boost communication in the offices, software to support academic office in managing students’ examination marks and reports and ability of parents to view then online.

Management team also agreed to include ICT in their planning for next month’s budget. However many activities in the day limited the time the teachers and students would show case more ICT skills.

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