Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The civil society organizations in western Uganda and in particular those operating in Kasese district have started using technology to achieve change and development in the area. RICNET with funding from IICD organized a workshop to familiarize the civil societies in Kasese district with the new portal that was tailored for their use. The portal is a version of the social site facebook only that this one zeroes down to Kasese district.

Gael Harnandez of IICD how was the lead trainer at the workshop applied the practicality of the portal by going through every step in detail. Just like any other social site, one can receive messages, send messages communicate with other users and chat instantly. the portal also comes with an added component, as a user you have your own page where you can publish your articles, pictures and videos for the others to see.

John M. Silco, the program manager at RICNET stressed on the point that the portal was for the people of Kasese and that it is them to maximize its use if they want to realize change in the region.He warned users of the platform against using the portal to display pictures that are unnecessary and do not contribute to the development of the area. he also stressed the point that the E- society center offers free services and on issues of extending the working hours of the center, he expressed the possibility but said a few more consultations had to be made.

By the end of the workshop, all 37 participants were registered as members of the portal and workable strategies were put in place to ensure the portal becomes success.

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