Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Biira Masitura 47 years a resident of Bubukwanga central village narrated the how she lived after the post election conflict during the community sensitization meeting held at Bubukwanga village headquarters. “ I am a Mukonzo married to  Mwamba a resident of Bubukwanga central, I did support the current regime at the district, my husband was not involved in politics at all….it all started as a joke when we had that Finally Mutegeki has won the election after the electoral commission had declared another candidate earlier on. Jubilation was all over especially people from Ngamba and Kasitu passing over in villages going to town. It was never easy but thank God we can leave happily again. My house was attacked not once or twice and some people asked why my husband is not taking action against me since I was supporting the candidate who was not the choice of OBB. I thank my husband she stood with me…..I am now living peaceful with my neighbours.” The meeting was attended by 207 citizens excluding children, members from security, OBB representatives, local leader’s citizens.
This story caught up the eyes and ears of everyone including the OBB representative and local leaders at the meeting. This was after our FPA presented the Drama on the Actors in the conflict situation with focus on rights and duties of citizens. During the discussion the members agreed that the community in most cases violated the rights of people because of attachment to certain people.

Responding to the issues raised during the discussion the OC station of Bubukwanga recommends the work of RIC-NET in organizing community meetings. “I attended their meeting in Maponge, Mantoroba, Nyasoro and these meetings have been productive, I think the sun can freely shine on each one of us and that is why this Mama can freely share her story in this meeting”. The criminal records have declined this year apart from cases like theft, and domestic issues which are always referred to the local council leaders for mediation. We should be engaging at village level and handle our matters as Babukwanga.

The LC III Mr. Basime Amos asked the community to learn to respect the rights of the people and ensure that each one exercise his her right freely without infringing on another person’s rights.

He recommended a proper relationship between the police, security and the people to ensure total peace prevail. However the community members realized that the challenge is still at the Top especially leadership at the top who still segregate people based on how they participated in the voting patterns. Thus recommended the NGOs and other peace Actors to conduct a dialogue to ensure peace and harmony is realized.

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