Friday, May 19, 2017


Mugisa out ToT explains the concepts of Human rights to the participants
"I lost my brother during the conflict in Malomba village in the greater Kasitu I will preach peace in my family and the neighbourhood."Juliet(aka) narrated her story after the training on conflict management and human rights protection that was conducted by MUSA a local CBO supported by RIC-NET. " 
female youth from MUSA

The training brought together 65 youth leaders from both Bakonzo, Bamba and Babwisi together who are members Malomba United Students Association and UNCIDA. The trained covered on causes of conflicts, actor and their roles, human rights protections in a conflicting environment and the role of the youth to ensure a free conflict society and co-exist and members of the same community.

The youth observed that most of them have been put in a state of believing that certain tribe/individual is/are enemies of each other either as result of beliefs in cultural institutions or individual persons in authority. “We have been kept in darkness for long time that we can’t even understand the difference between the cultural identity and cultural institution."
youth already empowered to walk for peace.
During the analysis the members observed the following; Bundibugyo does not belong to individuals but all of us, individual action should not inflict on the rights of others for example right to citizenship, rights to own property, right to life and right to participate in democratically organized elections. 

The participants agreed to always engage their leaders in dialogue such that the former are not misled into certain acts just to satisfy their leaders Egos. They also resolved to encourage other youths to fight poverty since this the prime cause of involvement in crime and drug abuse. the youths decided on a collective voice to defend their rights as youth in and out of school.

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